Regatta In Dreams

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

UGotta Regatta is back once again to blow us all away! I'm not kidding, it's like a dream come true! Shop online as soon as possible to claim your YGR items you want. I am not sure how fast these will go or how much they produced! But luckily there are multiple items to choose from.
There is a maxi, shorts, shift, popover and even a towel! Last summer when they brought back Lets Cha Cha, only the callahans were released. This year we've all got a chance to find something we can love on. I took home this gorgeous Elsa, the Adie Shorts, and the Ritz Romper. Out of the three, the romper is my absolute favorite! Also I was so in love with the Elsa, it's the first Elsa I paid full price for and I paired it with this skort! If you have ever wanted anything in this print, now is your moment just don't wait too long!

IMG_9746 IMG_9752 IMG_9766IMG_9748

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