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Monday, July 25, 2016

Whether you are moving out to go to a dorm or staying at home, you need to have your room organized. Having a well clean room for where you will spend many hours studying or working on school work is essential. To meet all your dorm essential needs, Bed Bath & Beyond is the place. As soon as you go to the website, shopping for college is the first thing you will see. It has all the things you would need to shop for going off to college. There are so many options at Bed Bath & Beyond including a College Registry, College Checklist, Pack & Hold, and even able to have an expert help you decide what you really need.

I got the opportunity to get a gift card to shop for the college life essentials that I need and to share with you. This post was created to partner with Bed Bath & Beyond, all opinions I give are 100% my own. 

Once I received the gift card, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and shopped straight from the Shop For College area. When I thought of a dorm room, I know that spaced is limited, especially for clothes. I knew with having so much space and needed to store/organize clothes these drawers would be the best. They are stackable and a pop of color! I could not find them online, but they are by the brand IRIS and called the Stacking Drawer. They had three different sizes and color options in stores. I used four in my bedroom closet, two medium for my chino shorts and Lilly Pulitzer comfy clothes. Then two small for my Krass & Co athletic shorts. I used one medium in my bathroom closet to store my lotions and body sprays, beside my organizing baskets for my hair products. I love when you have a drawer you can stack things on top to utilize your space and maybe stack more drawers on top. Living in smaller areas makes you think smart while organizing your things.

Also seen in my closet that you can purchase from Bed Bath & Beyond; the scarf organizer that keeps all my scarfs nicely stored and my all time favorite black felt hangers (which utilized space). Organizing your space can be difficult, due to having to spend money. Bed Bath & Beyond has a variety of prices for anything you need. All it takes is to look at what you have and what do you need to help organize. You will be surprised how many options Bed Bath & Beyond has to keep your space organized and perfect for your college life!

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