Out to Seas the Day

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Today, Lilly Pulitzer released the first shipment of fall 2016, I am headed to Pink Bee tomorrow to purchase some new items! That doesn't mean my summer clothes are being put away, I am still bringing them out. Out to Sea turned into a favorite this summer, from the Ali dress to these Callahans. I paired these shorts with one of my go to J.Crew Factory tops and went to test out my new camera!

Side story: We took over 300 photos and I accidentally deleted about 200 of them. Luckily I had some good shots with the ones I didn't delete

Wanted to mention you can now shop my Instagram so easy! On my blog, just go to the "SHOP" on the menu, and click "My Instagram" you can shop anything I post!
IMG_5135 IMG_5167 IMG_5171 IMG_5177 IMG_5198

Aren't these tassel bracelets adorable - one of my favorite GWP items!


(Just casually always on my phone!)

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