I am obsessing over Lilly Pulitzer pants lately. I have had these since the beginning of summer and haven't had a chance to wear them out due to the heat. With school starting back, that means soon the weather should hopefully cool off. I am so excited to be able to wear these to school then work for a comfy cute outfit! To match these leggings I found this adorable pink long sleeve from PINK (similar). Then, of course, had to add my Nike Roshes which I am obsessed with how it makes the outfit pop!

Were any of you lucky enough to get these leggings during the After Party Sale? If so, you will love them! It may still be very warm, okay HOT out. But these are great for a movie date night, does anyone else get cold in the theater? I can't wait to get a pair for the fall to maybe pair with bean boots. I am currently loving this print you can preorder now, don't you love the cutout on the side?!

IMG_6995 IMG_7000 IMG_7014 IMG_7024 IMG_7040
Ever since the Luxletic shorts came out I have been obsessing over them. I love having a comfy short option from Lilly Pulitzer. So I can wear my Lilly even when I will be lounging or possibly being active. I have two pairs of these Luxletic run around shorts and keep wanting more.  Not only am I loving these shorts, I love finding comfy tops to wear with them! This PINK tank top (similar) is perfect for a hot day to match my Lovers Coral shorts. To top everything off, my Roshes make a huge pop! With a colorful outfit and then having white shoes makes the look stand out more! During the hot summer days, I love having an outfit where I can throw on and not care if I get it dirty from all the sweat. These Luxletic shorts have been a lifesaver for those days, I can't wait to have more in my closet!

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I start school TODAY, and I did not want to go back! I wish I could rewind back to the beginning of summer. I know that's impossible now so I have to find ways to get excited or be prepared for a new school year. It is never easy going back to school after a nice break from it all, but one way to get me prepared is getting a new Lilly Pulitzer planner. It never fails when getting a new one each year, a fresh new start. 

I always look forward to seeing the new print options for the agendas, usually some fall prints are available and a popular summer print. This year I chose a print that I normally wouldn't choose, Tusk in Sun (I am not the biggest elephant fan; don't hate me!). This planner is different from the normal options from Lilly Pulitzer, it is a monthly planner instead of weekly. I never used much of the weekly pages in my other agendas in the past, so I decided to go with a change. If you got a new agenda for this year, which one did you get? I love seeing what others decide on having for the school year!

PS: Stay tuned to the end of this post for exciting Lilly Sale talk!

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Official APS date is August 22-23!!

Fall shipments are out and Summer is coming to an end. That only means one thing, the After Party Sale is creeping closer and closer! This one of the best things known to Lilly Pulitzer, where I grew my collection bigger with a fraction of the costs! Each year there are two online sales, one in January and then August. I now have a collection of posts with my tips and tricks for planning and being successful during the sale (click HERE to see them all). This year I decided to share my suggestions to look for during the sale.

If you would like to see my tips on shopping the sale here is my most descriptive post HERE. Below I have shown items, I have purchased throughout this year that most likely will be on sale. There are never guarantees on items to be included due to if sold out or not. I did not include any shorts because shorts are so hard to get during the sale and not the best deal for shorts. I really have purchased a lot of Lilly throughout this year. If you have seen anything on my Instagram or Blog that you are curious how things fit or my opinions on, just comment below and ask me!



I love the tassels on this top plus super bright!
LOVE these linen shorts, super comfy and cute on!


I love this print and skort so much, really recommend!


Okay, you NEED this dress! My all time favorite from this summer!


The overlay is my favorite part about this dress, not to mention this print is gorgeous!

romper 3

A romper with pom poms is a MUST!


This dress may not be on sale due to being sold out. If it does you need this flirty dress!


One of the gorgeous popular sets, so cute on(even for curvy ladies, like me)!


A perfect dress for special occasions!


Luxletic leggings are now a new obsession. You need to have a pair!

I am not a huge fan of a PBJ sandwich, but I will take many items in this PBJ print! I love a print that has jellyfish on it, just like Jellies Be Jammin from two years ago. This top was something I had looked over many times, and finally saw many people wearing it and had to try it on! I love the bright pink and the tassels, then a shirt with embroidery is a plus! I knew with a lightweight tassel top, I needed to wear my tassel linen shorts.


With the fall shipments being released this month, that means we are days closer to the After Party Sale. One of the two sales of the year that are crazy, so crazy the site crashes! I love shopping the After Party Sales, it is always so much fun finding items that I have wanted before but never purchased (and getting on sale)! Stay tuned soon to see all my advice for making it through the After Party Sale!

Don't forget you can go to my SHOP page to see all my Instagram posts to see where outfits are from!
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