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Back To School 2016 Ready

I start school TODAY, and I did not want to go back! I wish I could rewind back to the beginning of summer. I know that's impossible now so I have to find ways to get excited or be prepared for a new school year. It is never easy going back to school after a nice break from it all, but one way to get me prepared is getting a new Lilly Pulitzer planner. It never fails when getting a new one each year, a fresh new start. 

I always look forward to seeing the new print options for the agendas, usually some fall prints are available and a popular summer print. This year I chose a print that I normally wouldn't choose, Tusk in Sun (I am not the biggest elephant fan; don't hate me!). This planner is different from the normal options from Lilly Pulitzer, it is a monthly planner instead of weekly. I never used much of the weekly pages in my other agendas in the past, so I decided to go with a change. If you got a new agenda for this year, which one did you get? I love seeing what others decide on having for the school year!

PS: Stay tuned to the end of this post for exciting Lilly Sale talk!

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