How I Style - Luxletic Shorts

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ever since the Luxletic shorts came out I have been obsessing over them. I love having a comfy short option from Lilly Pulitzer. So I can wear my Lilly even when I will be lounging or possibly being active. I have two pairs of these Luxletic run around shorts and keep wanting more.
 Not only am I loving these shorts, I love finding comfy tops to wear with them! This PINK tank top (similar) is perfect for a hot day to match my Lovers Coral shorts. To top everything off, my Roshes make a huge pop! With a colorful outfit and then having white shoes makes the look stand out more! During the hot summer days, I love having an outfit where I can throw on and not care if I get it dirty from all the sweat. These Luxletic shorts have been a lifesaver for those days, I can't wait to have more in my closet!

IMG_7152 IMG_7157 IMG_7170 IMG_7180 IMG_7208 IMG_7218

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