Only PBJ I Like

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I am not a huge fan of a PBJ sandwich, but I will take many items in this PBJ print! I love a print that has jellyfish on it, just like Jellies Be Jammin from two years ago. This top was something I had looked over many times, and finally saw many people wearing it and had to try it on! I love the bright pink and the tassels, then a shirt with embroidery is a plus! I knew with a lightweight tassel top, I needed to wear my tassel linen shorts.

With the fall shipments being released this month, that means we are days closer to the After Party Sale. One of the two sales of the year that are crazy, so crazy the site crashes! I love shopping the After Party Sales, it is always so much fun finding items that I have wanted before but never purchased (and getting on sale)! Stay tuned soon to see all my advice for making it through the After Party Sale!

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