Why doesn't Lilly Pulitzer carry more of these Kelly Pants? I am beyond obsessed, I have owned these for a couple months now and wear them like crazy. They are beyond comfortable and so easy to wear. These are from the Fall collection in Tic Tac Tile print. The colors are so pretty in this print and so many tops can be paired with themI have learned that if I find a pair of Kelly pants that I love, to get them asap. These pants are now a must-have in my closet, I want so many pairs. They have the perfect amount of stretch and fit just right. This pair will always be a huge favorite now, mainly because I can pair so many shirts with this one print. I have each of these shirts below except the open shoulder one, I especially love the one shoulder top I am wearing below.

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Let's talk about these shoes now. I finally have a pair of open toe shoes, and they are open back (plus the fringe)! I love booties for the fall and this color option is always a favorite of mine. Having a pair of booties to pair with a fall pair of pants or fall dress, is a huge staple. So many places now have the open toe booties, which will be very popular this fall.

img_7928 img_7952 img_2976 img_8066 img_8112
We are all having a fever of being too hot from this summer heat. The summer we will miss is not having to take classes or doing mountains of homework assignments. Now that school has started, summer can go away until next year. I am craving everything FALL! Ever question if you are obsessed with fall? I have put my twist of being fallsessed.

You bought a fall dress in July - Majority of stores and brands start releasing their fall shipments in July and August when those are the hottest months of summer! Once September comes, that is usually when it begins to cool down below 90 degrees in South Carolina. Even though my body can't handle the heat and I only want to wear shorts and tank tops; I am guilty of buying my first Fall dress July 13. Can you blame me? As soon as I see new arrivals, I just have to purchase ASAP!

You have enough vests for each day of the week - If you have more than three vests, you are vest obsessed. If you are vest obsessed, you are fallsessed. I currently own 9 vests, with one on the top of my wish list! That makes it so easy to wear one a day for a week! I love wearing them everywhere; class, work, and shopping!

Plaids are considered obvious - Once it is time to put on a long sleeve shirt, plaids and flannels are in the part of my closet where I can see first!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes already released - PSL was released at the beginning of September, the craze it out and let everyone run to them. I am guilty of liking the PSL, however, I am more of a Gingerbread Latte kind of girl.

Bean Boots are worn even if not raining or snowing - Calling myself out on this one way too much. I wear my bean boots constantly during fall and winter. I get my use of bean boots many times. If it is raining or snowing I will definitely wear them then, but I wear mine at least 3 times a week.

Shep Shirts and Popovers - Popovers and shep shirts are just as important as plaids and vests. On days where I don't want to coordinate an outfit I through on one and just put on my daily Kendra Scott necklace and a pair of bean boots, I'm ready to go.

Football Games - When you get excited to either watch your team play on Friday or Saturday, those 4 hours watching the game are tense. The excitement if your team does great or annoyed if they can't get their act together. In the end, all you want is that win. Year round, I try to find an outfit with my team colors and when you find it, you are so excited to wear it.

Fall is slowly creeping upon us. I wish it would come just a tad faster, I am tired of all this heat! I have been on the hunt to find a trendy dress for the upcoming fall. AND to find a LBD dress to go with these Sam Edelman boots I purchased last year. I have a huge obsession with Sam Edelman shoes and these were a pair I couldn't pass up last year. You can still find this style to shop this year, just not the print.

This dress was selling fast in my Target store, I couldn't find it online so I linked three other options. If you are interested in a black trendy dress, I recommend getting a bell sleeve dress. I am also loving the crossing at the neckline, so cute and similar to the tie-up neckline.

one  |  two  |  three

Target has always been a place to find outfits that are within the trends and for a reasonable price. I don't buy that much in their clothing, but when I do it's a great piece to not leave behind. This dress was only $28 I believe and that beats multiple places for an adorable dress. Last year I purchased another dress that I love and can't wait to bring out to wear this fall again.

With fall coming up, I am beyond excited to pull out cozy clothes to wear. Also being able to wear long sleeves and not sweat when walking outside. Don't let this black dress phase you, Lilly is still a main option in my closet. Sometimes I like to change things up, so trust me Lilly is worn still many times out of the week.

img_7763 img_7774 img_7782 img_7807 img_7833

Every once in a while, I can't think of how to explain my excitement over an outfit, this one made that cut. The dress alone is now a current favorite, the colors of this print are so vibrant and pretty on. I have always loved a navy dress for fall especially when it has more colors within. I first loved this dress because it reminded me of Coastal Kiss from Summer 2015, which only came in a shift dress and I didn't purchase. When this print came out, I knew I needed this Marlowe dress (which is my first Marlowe).

I love that this dress can be worn with THIS sweater vest I am wearing, even other vests. Then can wear with sandals for warmer days, or wear a pair of riding boots for fall chilly days. Having a dress that can be worn multiple ways helps for the days that you just don't know what to wear in the morning. If you are needing a dress to help you extend summer, this is the one. Having the navy color with bright fish, it is easy to transition this dress to fall.

Can we talk about the sweater vest I am wearing? I love it! Ever since it came out I debated about getting it nonstop, I finally caved and got it. I love the gold metallic color, perfect to spice up an outfit. The tassels on the trim and it being a vest, makes me love it even more. I recommend it to anyone who has an obsession with vests like I do!

IMG_7608 IMG_7616 IMG_7621 IMG_7660 IMG_7672 IMG_7681 IMG_7725 IMG_7731

Now that fall is approaching, I created a widget to show you some of my wish list items!