How to tell if you are FALL obsessed

Saturday, September 24, 2016

We are all having a fever of being too hot from this summer heat. The summer we will miss is not having to take classes or doing mountains of homework assignments. Now that school has started, summer can go away until next year. I am craving everything FALL! Ever question if you are obsessed with fall? I have put my twist of being fallsessed.

You bought a fall dress in July - Majority of stores and brands start releasing their fall shipments in July and August when those are the hottest months of summer! Once September comes, that is usually when it begins to cool down below 90 degrees in South Carolina. Even though my body can't handle the heat and I only want to wear shorts and tank tops; I am guilty of buying my first Fall dress July 13. Can you blame me? As soon as I see new arrivals, I just have to purchase ASAP!

You have enough vests for each day of the week - If you have more than three vests, you are vest obsessed. If you are vest obsessed, you are fallsessed. I currently own 9 vests, with one on the top of my wish list! That makes it so easy to wear one a day for a week! I love wearing them everywhere; class, work, and shopping!

Plaids are considered obvious - Once it is time to put on a long sleeve shirt, plaids and flannels are in the part of my closet where I can see first!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes already released - PSL was released at the beginning of September, the craze it out and let everyone run to them. I am guilty of liking the PSL, however, I am more of a Gingerbread Latte kind of girl.

Bean Boots are worn even if not raining or snowing - Calling myself out on this one way too much. I wear my bean boots constantly during fall and winter. I get my use of bean boots many times. If it is raining or snowing I will definitely wear them then, but I wear mine at least 3 times a week.

Shep Shirts and Popovers - Popovers and shep shirts are just as important as plaids and vests. On days where I don't want to coordinate an outfit I through on one and just put on my daily Kendra Scott necklace and a pair of bean boots, I'm ready to go.

Football Games - When you get excited to either watch your team play on Friday or Saturday, those 4 hours watching the game are tense. The excitement if your team does great or annoyed if they can't get their act together. In the end, all you want is that win. Year round, I try to find an outfit with my team colors and when you find it, you are so excited to wear it.

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