Tic Tac Tile Till Fall

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why doesn't Lilly Pulitzer carry more of these Kelly Pants? I am beyond obsessed, I have owned these for a couple months now and wear them like crazy. They are beyond comfortable and so easy to wear. These are from the Fall collection in Tic Tac Tile print.
The colors are so pretty in this print and so many tops can be paired with themI have learned that if I find a pair of Kelly pants that I love, to get them asap. These pants are now a must-have in my closet, I want so many pairs. They have the perfect amount of stretch and fit just right. This pair will always be a huge favorite now, mainly because I can pair so many shirts with this one print. I have each of these shirts below except the open shoulder one, I especially love the one shoulder top I am wearing below.

Let's talk about these shoes now. I finally have a pair of open toe shoes, and they are open back (plus the fringe)! I love booties for the fall and this color option is always a favorite of mine. Having a pair of booties to pair with a fall pair of pants or fall dress, is a huge staple. So many places now have the open toe booties, which will be very popular this fall.

img_7928 img_7952 img_8066 img_8112

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