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Falling For Trendy Pieces

Fall is here, but the weather does not make it seem that way! With my blog being mostly about preppy and all things Lilly, I sometimes like to branch out and try different trends. I usually have a hard time buying other brands, mainly because trends fade in and out (Lilly is just classic). With fall here, new trends are out and everyone and their mom are wearing them. I love the cool colors that are worn; navy, gray, mauve, and browns.

During the fall, I think it is easier to try out new trends and play around with different outfits. The weather is cooler and in summer all you want to do is stay cool with the least amount of clothing. Some of my favorite pieces in fall are comfy, soft tops that can be layered or under a cute vest. Below I have many adorable trendy pieces that all are reasonably priced for finding unique pieces. I currently own the American Eagle cold shoulder top in tye dye color, I love how cute it is on and how soft the fabric is. American Eagle has recently stepped up their game, they have a line called Soft & Sexy which is the softest fabric I've felt! I love all the tops that have a ruffle bottom, such a flirty touch! So many places are trying to have the ruffle bottom, tie up shirt, and cold shoulders or off the shoulder tops. You most likely can find these trendy pieces anywhere you go!

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