Safari Sighted

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Resort is here and a Safari was sighted in the collection. Many elephants are in this collection coming up. This print is an absolute favorite currently with the agate green Elsa that matches perfectly.  When first trying it on together, I wasn't sure if it was too much of this green, but the combination is super cute!  My obsession of Kelly Skinny pants has grown times 3 since I got the Tic Tac Tile ones. I saw a new pair of Kelly's were coming out and couldn't wait to try them on. I'm usually not a big fan of prints with elephants, this print was one I couldn't pass up. The colors in the print are so vibrant and unique, perfect for my wardrobe.

Let's talk about this top. Do I need to say more than FINALLY an Elsa top that is NOT silk! I have around six Elsa (silk) tops and extremely happy that this one is a different fabric. The color is Agate Green and there is also bomber blue one. I will say that it will wrinkle if you tuck it in, so it is more noticeable in the solid colors. Other than the wrinkling, I love this top and so tempted to get the bomber blue one.

The accessories are a huge feature in this outfit, I just got the necklace and bracelet to match many outfits (I want the earrings to tie everything together). The banana leafs are such a classic to match so many Lilly pieces, perfect for the Palm Beach look! I am carrying my Lilly crossbody bag that I have loved so much since I purchase, looks great with every Lilly outfit. The shoes, been shown before in past outfits, are by Vince Camuto.

img_8425 img_8606

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