Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all are having a safe and fun time during this holiday! I will be staying home this weekend and having company come in tomorrow afternoon! I am here today to talk to you about how you can shop the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals anytime now! It seems like all stores are making Thanksgiving a week-long money spending time! Many years ago the deals were only on Black Friday, then years later Cyber Monday was included, and now you can shop great deals WEEK LONG!! I have been shopping so much lately this week already and it hasn't even been Black Friday or Cyber Monday yet!

So far, I have gone shopping at Pink Bee this past Saturday and purchased both of the Mia Leggings in black and navy. They are so cute on and extremely comfy to be leggings that look great on! I couldn't help myself, but I got both pairs. If you have had the Travel Pants from the past from Lilly, you will like these so much better! From November 24-27 there will be a GWP for Thanksgiving weekend; $75 spend is earrings, $150 spend is a bracelet and $500 spend is a jewelry box. On Cyber Monday, November 28, the GWP will be any spend items change every couple of hours and the $200 spend is a Water Bottle. From 12AM-10AM is a Travel Journal, 10AM-7PM is an Ornament, then 9PM-12AM is a Beverage Tote. I will be getting the Ornament and the Water Bottle, they both are so cute! I love the gifts for Cyber Monday better than the GWP for the weekend.


I also placed an order on Urban Outfitters Monday, I purchased three things I have been eyeing for a couple of months now and couldn't pass up 20% off my order! I bought this adorable peplum purple shirt that I tried on in the store before and loved it on but waited to see if I could get it cheaper. Then say this adorable laptop case and keyboard cover that I can't wait to put on (you really need to go look at them, just saying)! For Black Friday, Urban Outfitters has any apparel BOGO 50% off. Will be a perfect time to order some clothes you have been waiting for a while, or buy yourself a top and a friend a top!

Yesterday, I went to my local mall and just kept spending money! I went to Victoria Secret to return some items and ended up buying something else. They have some great deals going on, including the 50% off sports bras and sports pants. I purchased a new pair of leggings to work out in and couldn't pass up the print I found. Surprisingly I was able to find the print I got in the capri length (I got the full length), I was obsessed with this print as soon as I saw them. I knew I needed to get the pants, almost got the matching sports bra, but wasn't in love with the fit of it. PS: The print name is Cool Textile Stripe, the photo is unavailable for some reason (There is a small picture of the print when you hover over the print name). I also purchased a gift for someone during the deals and my mom purchased some things, so we were able to get the $75 purchase free tote bag & mini bag (which is so adorable and came with extra goodies). If you like anything from Victoria Secret, I recommend checking out the deals you can snag (so many)!

American Eagle has always been a good store I like to look through, cute trendy pieces you can find for a good price. They had 40% off of the Winter Collection, which was the majority of the store. I tried on a pair of jeggings and loved the fit, so perfect time to get the with the deal. I have had jeans from American Eagle in the past but grew out of them, so many years later I get a new pair of their jeans. I have always had a love-hate relationship with jeans, they have to be very comfortable and easy to move around in.


Other places to check out this shopping season:

Madewell is 25% off entire order

J.Crew is 40% off your order (plus they have never done this!) 

J.Crew Factory is 40-60% off EVERYTHING (online only)!

Belk has Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer for $8 & free shipping!

Kendra Scott has 20% off everything with the code SALE20 (including sale)

Tarte has 25% off your order + free shipping on $25 purchase




I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for my readers and followers on my Instagram. I love the blogging and Lilly community, it all makes me so happy! Let me know what your plans are and if you have purchased anything or seen great deals! Talk to you soon!

PS: 31 days till Christmas!


The print name says it all, Oh Shucks I am obsessed with this dress! I love the oysters so much more than I thought I would! The blues and green just scream an ocean stuck in a print. When I first saw this dress, I knew I needed it! I love these Pima Cotton dresses, they are so comfy and perfect for layering for chilly days. 

I knew having this dress, I needed to add my Abbott vest. It has been the best thing to add to any outfit that needed to keep me warm. I love vests and this one is perfect, with the gold color and the fringe trim it goes with so many Lilly outfits! Adding to the outfit I added Lilly Pulitzer jewelry, these new Stardust hoop earrings and the Leaf Me Alone bracelet were the perfect touch. I needed a good pair of hoop earrings the wear with Lilly and so far these don't disappoint. I love these banana leaf bracelet, so simple and perfect year round to wear.

I recently wore this dress while I was in Flordia, we went to Disney Springs and went to the Lilly store. It was a chilly night but still a little warm. By the end of the night (around midnight) I was then cold but thankfully there was a Starbucks in Disney Springs. This was my first trip to Disney Springs and I loved it!

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First wanted to recognize and say Happy Birthday to the Queen of the Jungle! Lilly Pulitzer has become a big favorite in my life since I started wearing it. I've been wearing Lilly for about 3 years now. I love each all the colors and designs that are put into the prints. The pieces I've been able to buy lately have been so unique which is another reason why I love Lilly Pulitzer so much.

This year I was talking to my mom that I wanted new luggage soon, I just had a Jessica Simpson suitcase that needed to be upgraded to more of my personality. Then once I saw the GWP for Lilly's birthday, I needed it! So it happened, I got the Oh My Guava suitcase! (I also got the rest of the GWP items)

This print is a print that definitely grew more and more on me. The colors are so vibrant and love the purple within the print! In Oh My Guava I got the Sorella Top (which I am wearing) then also purchased the Buttercup Shorts. I now have two outfits that I can pair with my suitcase whenever I travel! The small things in life just make me so happy (matching my suitcase, lol).

While purchasing for the GWP, I saw these lilac callahans and fell in love! The purple is so cute and the perfect shade to match this top. To just add the perfect amount of jewelry, I am wearing the Stardust Hoop earrings that recently came out also. They are very classy and perfect for any Lilly or preppy outfit!

Hope you like the outfit I chose to wear for Lilly's Birthday! I'd love to see what you wear as well!

Happy Birthday Lilly Pulitzer!

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I know, I know, it is crazy to already be talking about Christmas. It is a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and stores are bringing out the Christmas spirit! I love going on clothing websites and seeing a gift guide section with all the beauty products, accessories, and nic nacs! I have been thinking about what I want to get my friends for presents this year and Aerie has been a great place to look! I recently browsed to see what was some of the items, total surprised when I saw bath bombs and a bath fizzer! Aerie has a wide variety of items and prices to help find gifts for this Christmas to give. 

Bath Lovers: Have a big win from Aerie. There are so many products to help relax and make a bath great. I am a huge fan of Lush, but the closest store is over an hour away! I don't feel like ordering online because shipping gets pricey. With a different alternative, Aerie had many bath products I want to try for myself!

Beauty Obsessed: For the ones that love makeup and finding new beauty products! The Makeup Eraser should be an item that all girls need! It takes all your makeup off easily, by just adding water! Finding a palette that is affordable and the color are perfect is a package deal. Did I mention that is a palette with eyeshadows and blushes!? The last product that I thought was perfect, is an emergency kit! In one tiny bag, you have every possible thing you would need for a crisis to come up during a night out. (Even includes two Benefit cosmetic products!)

Cozy Up: Who else doesn't love a comfy blanket to cozy up in the cold months? The blanket I found is a faux fur one, I think it is beautiful (plus - like I said faux fur)! This was a pricey gift to be added, but it was just too cute not to add!