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Oh My Guava it's Lilly's Birthday

First wanted to recognize and say Happy Birthday to the Queen of the Jungle! Lilly Pulitzer has become a big favorite in my life since I started wearing it. I've been wearing Lilly for about 3 years now. I love each all the colors and designs that are put into the prints. The pieces I've been able to buy lately have been so unique which is another reason why I love Lilly Pulitzer so much.

This year I was talking to my mom that I wanted new luggage soon, I just had a Jessica Simpson suitcase that needed to be upgraded to more of my personality. Then once I saw the GWP for Lilly's birthday, I needed it! So it happened, I got the Oh My Guava suitcase! (I also got the rest of the GWP items)

This print is a print that definitely grew more and more on me. The colors are so vibrant and love the purple within the print! In Oh My Guava I got the Sorella Top (which I am wearing) then also purchased the Buttercup Shorts. I now have two outfits that I can pair with my suitcase whenever I travel! The small things in life just make me so happy (matching my suitcase, lol).

While purchasing for the GWP, I saw these lilac callahans and fell in love! The purple is so cute and the perfect shade to match this top. To just add the perfect amount of jewelry, I am wearing the Stardust Hoop earrings that recently came out also. They are very classy and perfect for any Lilly or preppy outfit!

Hope you like the outfit I chose to wear for Lilly's Birthday! I'd love to see what you wear as well!

Happy Birthday Lilly Pulitzer!

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