My Year in Pictures | 2016

Monday, January 16, 2017

The NEW YEAR is upon us. 2016 has left and 2017 has made an entrance. The year that I will turn 21, the year I finally have joined a gym, and a year for more exciting things to come. Can you believe is finally 2017?! Me neither! To start out the new year upon us I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from this past year. I love looking back at the year and see some of my favorite moments.

This was the year that my mom stepped in multiple times to have photo shoots with me. Having me ask her many questions how an outfit looks.

The year I went on my first "big girl" trip with my 3 friends over summer. The time I had to actually plan on how much money I would need for a week away from home.

This year I gained so much knowledge on how to take photos for my blog. Especially after finally getting a DSLR camera over the summer. Finding my favorite places to have photo shoots, especially the white wall.

The year I bought two Lilly Pulitzer sets then finally caved in and bought Lilly pants and leggings. Then also found out I have an obsessed over the Lilly skorts. Then finally bought so much Lilly I received the Lilly beach chairs, umbrella, and the suitcase.

2016 was the year I turned 20, crazy to think this year I will be 21! I am finally living in my twenties and the best days are still yet to come. I never like to set resolutions for when a new year comes up. I like to have goals for the future to come. I like to have either an idea what I want to do with my life or a plan. I do have a goal this year to gain blogging experiences. I love blogging and after having a month break in December I am beyond excited getting back into things!

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