How I Style - Vineyard Vines Vest

Monday, January 9, 2017

Within the first week of January in 2017, we get snow in South Carolina. Yes, the place that goes crazy then obsessively buys milk and bread like the world is ending. I took advantage of the beautiful background and covered ground to show this outfit off. I have this Vineyard Vines vest from last year that came back this year in navy, that no longer on the website I guess it sold out! I love this vest, I don't pull it out much but I love pairing it with a pink top.

I am wearing my pink Shep Shirt, which is never a bad idea that is always available! A Shep Shirt is perfect for layering a long sleeve underneath and having another jacket or a vest over. The pink goes so well with the hunter green and brown suede on the vest, that adds a small pop of color.

Every time it snows, I like to put on my must have bean boots and having my feet completely dry as walking through the snow. Bean Boots are an essential when it comes to a wet day, not having to worry about ruining a pair of shoes is so nice. Plus they are not hard to find outfits that look great with them.

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