Monday, January 23, 2017

Have you ever been interested in Tieks? My goodness, I have been obsessed with them for years and never even owned a pair yet! This Christmas my gift was this beautiful pair of Champagne Tieks (which were only available during the weekend after Thanksgiving!). The moment I noticed my gift was Tieks, I was beyond excited and overjoyed! I first want to say look how adorable is the packaging! With the release of a Champagne color, Tieks went to the extra with the package. Added a cookie in the shape of a Champagne bottle, confetti tissue paper, and tinsel filled the box. 

There have many reasons I have wanted a pair of Tieks, even after the price tag.

  1. The reviews for them are amazing

  2. The quality leather is meant to last

  3. Multiple color options

  4. Claim to be comfortable

  5. I hate every other ballet flats I purchase

  6. I have to wear closed toed shoes at one of my jobs

  7. The blue prints are adorable, especially the blue box

The many reasons I have wanted a pair, make up for the month I have been wearing mine. The day I got them I immediately wore them and pretty much daily since then. I have worn them everywhere when I did not need to wear old shoes or my bean boots because of the snow.

It now has been roughly a month wearing my pair of Tieks and I have to say that all I want is more Tieks! They live up to their name and so much more. At one of my jobs, I have to wear closed-toe shoes and these have been worn almost daily! I will mention I have never really loved wearing a pair of ballet flats and these have been chosen over many of my favorite pair of shoes. I feel like my other shoes are feeling lonely, as if they could speak to me. I am now officially stating that I am in love with my Tieks and recommend them to anyone who is interested in a pair.

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