It may still be winter technically, but it is spring in my closet. March 20th can hurry its self up, I need for it to be spring so bad! The Donna Shift Romper is a huge favorite of mine already, I wore it over this past weekend and got so many compliments on it. This may look like a shift dress but the perfect touch of a romper is hiding underneath. I felt like spring was already here with us. This print, Night Caw, keeps drawing my attention towards it. I love the pinks throughout the print and the pop of orange color at the bottom.

I have been obsessing over this tassel necklace I purchased during the After Party Sales from Pink Bee and I love how it looks with this romper. With this being a romper, the dress portion has a split on the sides with bows. The slits make the shorts of the romper shown when walking. When I wore it this weekend, it was windy so it was funny to see the dress fly up and my shorts were visible. I love this new romper style and excited to see the other print it will come in. I saw the other print on an Instagram post and can't wait to try it on as well!


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We all have had time when we find a post we meant to post a while back and never did! This is one of those. I have always loved this dress and never got around to editing and posting! Months later here is it! This was a dress I bought back when there was a GWP to get the suitcase. I love the fit of the Bay dress, the quarter sleeves are perfect for the warmer days in winter. Lately, where I live, we have had 70 degree days then goes back to 40 degrees. So having a dress that is easy to pair on the warmer winter days is perfect!

This print is one that kept growing on me, I love the colors in this pattern. I'm usually not a huge elephant person but I definitely don't mind it if the elephants are the main focus of the print. Lately, I have been loving all the prints with the purple, I love purple and do not have enough of it in my closet! On this dress, there are many medallions that are each different and beautiful. I don't expect any less from a Lilly print. You can still purchase this style of dress, now just in a different print here!


img_8904 img_8917 img_8920 img_8977 img_9002 img_9006
New Arrivals went out yesterday and I am talking all about my favorites. I am planning to go purchase my Easter dress this morning, which I won't be showing till then. I may throw in some hints until then. I am loving this shipment mainly because of all the different colors. Today, with purchasing my Easter dress, I may buy the adorable shift romper below. I love how it looks like a shift dress, but actually is a romper! Here are my favorite pieces that released yesterday. 

I love the Etta top, it is almost identical to the Michelle top, same style and price. The shorts pair with this top is a new color for Lilly, Amethyst, I love the hot pink/purple color.

The new Marlowe dress is the perfect amount of purple colors. I always love a Marlowe dress and especially for the chilly spring days.

The Willa Tunic is almost like the Elsa, but not silk! I think it will look amazing with a pair of white jeans!

The Donna Shift Romper will be a huge want for many people! The Shift dress, but having a romper feel is the best thing ever!

Katia Shorts are a new kind of comfy pull on shorts. Having the comfort and looking adorable is the perfect combo!

This Ryder Shift dress has the perfect pop of color on the neckline. A new shift in a gorgeous print is always a must have.

Here comes a new crop top set to have! I love this Neri set if only my figure could pull it off. I LOVE this print the most of out this shipment.


Top and Shorts / Dress / Top / Romper / Shorts / Shift / Set

Happy Valentines Day! It is the day that someone either loves or hate. I usually don't care for the holiday, mainly because if you are with someone, you should always show your significant other you care about them. Sometimes this is the only day someone shows affection to their other. However I may not love this holiday, I sure do love all things that surround love. Like this shirt from Vineyard Vines, I purchased the first week of January because I knew I needed to add it to my closet. Last year I got the I WHALE YOU shirt, which is featured HERE, and I loved it so much! I couldn't wait to get my hands on this shirt.

It is almost Valentine's Day and LUSH is prepared for the day of love! If you have not tried any LUSH products you need to! They are so amazing and lovely for a night to yourself. I am a huge fan of their bath bombs and bubble bars. I may have tried two other products aside from those two. Their bath bombs and bubble bars are some of the best products they have. The most creative and thoughtful bath bombs that fill your tub with fizz, glitter, some bubbles, and amazing smells. The bubble bars top the bath off with the best amount of bubbles you can get! I love taking videos of what happens from the beginning of my bath.

LUSH always has the best selection of holiday inspired products. From the "heart eyes" emoji to the adorable lady bug! The variety of products has so many different colors and scents to last you all through the Valentine's Day spirit!