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Friday, February 17, 2017

New Arrivals went out yesterday and I am talking all about my favorites. I am planning to go purchase my Easter dress this morning, which I won't be showing till then. I may throw in some hints until then. I am loving this shipment mainly because of all the different colors. Today, with purchasing my Easter dress, I may buy the adorable shift romper below. I love how it looks like a shift dress, but actually is a romper! Here are my favorite pieces that released yesterday. 

I love the Etta top, it is almost identical to the Michelle top, same style and price. The shorts pair with this top is a new color for Lilly, Amethyst, I love the hot pink/purple color.

The new Marlowe dress is the perfect amount of purple colors. I always love a Marlowe dress and especially for the chilly spring days.

The Willa Tunic is almost like the Elsa, but not silk! I think it will look amazing with a pair of white jeans!

The Donna Shift Romper will be a huge want for many people! The Shift dress, but having a romper feel is the best thing ever!

Katia Shorts are a new kind of comfy pull on shorts. Having the comfort and looking adorable is the perfect combo!

This Ryder Shift dress has the perfect pop of color on the neckline. A new shift in a gorgeous print is always a must have.

Here comes a new crop top set to have! I love this Neri set if only my figure could pull it off. I LOVE this print the most of out this shipment.

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