LUSH love

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It is almost Valentine's Day and LUSH is prepared for the day of love! If you have not tried any LUSH products you need to! They are so amazing and lovely for a night to yourself. I am a huge fan of their bath bombs and bubble bars. I may have tried two other products aside from those two. Their bath bombs and bubble bars are some of the best products they have. The most creative and thoughtful bath bombs that fill your tub with fizz, glitter, some bubbles, and amazing smells. The bubble bars top the bath off with the best amount of bubbles you can get! I love taking videos of what happens from the beginning of my bath.

LUSH always has the best selection of holiday inspired products. From the "heart eyes" emoji to the adorable lady bug! The variety of products has so many different colors and scents to last you all through the Valentine's Day spirit!

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