Night Caw into Spring

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It may still be winter technically, but it is spring in my closet. March 20th can hurry its self up, I need for it to be spring so bad! The Donna Shift Romper is a huge favorite of mine already, I wore it over this past weekend and got so many compliments on it. This may look like a shift dress but the perfect touch of a romper is hiding underneath. I felt like spring was already here with us. This print, Night Caw, keeps drawing my attention towards it. I love the pinks throughout the print and the pop of orange color at the bottom.

I have been obsessing over this tassel necklace I purchased during the After Party Sales from Pink Bee and I love how it looks with this romper. With this being a romper, the dress portion has a split on the sides with bows. The slits make the shorts of the romper shown when walking. When I wore it this weekend, it was windy so it was funny to see the dress fly up and my shorts were visible. I love this new romper style and excited to see the other print it will come in. I saw the other print on an Instagram post and can't wait to try it on as well!


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