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Monday, February 20, 2017

We all have had time when we find a post we meant to post a while back and never did! This is one of those. I have always loved this dress and never got around to editing and posting! Months later here is it! This was a dress I bought back when there was a GWP to get the suitcase. I love the fit of the Bay dress, the quarter sleeves are perfect for the warmer days in winter. Lately, where I live, we have had 70 degree days then goes back to 40 degrees. So having a dress that is easy to pair on the warmer winter days is perfect!

This print is one that kept growing on me, I love the colors in this pattern. I'm usually not a huge elephant person but I definitely don't mind it if the elephants are the main focus of the print. Lately, I have been loving all the prints with the purple, I love purple and do not have enough of it in my closet! On this dress, there are many medallions that are each different and beautiful. I don't expect any less from a Lilly print. You can still purchase this style of dress, now just in a different print here!


img_8904 img_8917 img_8920 img_8977 img_9002

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