Tomorrow morning my mom and I will be on our way to Charleston, SC! Yesterday started off our Spring Break for this year! We have been planning this trip for months, since before Christmas. We are so excited and I believe it will be very hard to fall asleep tonight! Today I am showing what are a few essentials I will be bringing on my trip. When I travel, I like to bring some of my favorites that I can't live without!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21

I am featuring my new Makeup Bag that I purchased at Pink Bee a few weeks ago during the Lunch @ Lilly! I am obsessed with the print of the bag. A key feature I love about the makeup bag is that it opens all the way up to where you can see all the products inside. I was able to fit all these makeup products in the makeup bag easily and with a little more room to fit more.

I'm not going to discuss each and ever product above, but if you have any questions about my opinion on the ones I don't discuss just comment below and I'll answer back! Let me start off saying that above I have shown about every product you could ever need while traveling (besides foundation if you wear it, I don't).

Makeup brushes are always an essential if you plan to wear eyeshadow, Real Techniques has some of my favorite brushes, they have multiple options and even great sets you can buy. I also enjoy the It Cosmetics Brushes when I get a 20% off at Ulta. Their brushes are much more high-end and more expensive but have endless options to choose from.

Lipsticks are obviously a must-have for your makeup and MAC Cosmetics is the one brand I will continuously purchase my lipsticks from. They have endless color options, which I also share more of my opinion on my recent MAC post. They have all colors, finishes and even liquid lipsticks. If you are a lip gloss kind of girl, they have plenty of those as well!

Since I will be right near the ocean during this trip, I will need a finishing spray to hold all my makeup in place. Of course, Urban Decay will have the perfect setting spray to keep my makeup fresh all day for all the photos I will be taking. To go along with Urban Decay, the NAKED palettes all have the perfect colors to complete daily eyeshadow looks.

I think traveling with a cheek palette makes it easier. Benefit has been coming out with palettes with their popular FULL SIZED blushes and bronzers. I love mine and they just released a NEW one this past week, which is linked. I love having all the blush and bronzer I need in one place, instead of packing many containers of individual ones.

Traveling with makeup can make us want to bring every favorite we have in our entire collection. Trust me, I have tried to do this before. I have learned to bring products that I can get the most use out of. The palette that you love that has cool colors that you can only wear with a certain color scheme outfit, don't pack it. Bring a palette that has more of a variety of colors for multiple looks. Always pack the concealers, foundation, mascara, eyebrow, etc products that you need for everyday makeup. Then pack products that have everything you need in one for your makeup. If you have any questions about products I did not discuss, just comment below!
Victoria's Secret has some of my favorite workout clothes to wear. It never fails for my to find something I want from there. Majority of the clothes I wear, to workout in and lounge in, are from the PINK line. Lately, they have had new releases very frequently, especially during the SPRING BREAK time. 


One / I love this V-Neck pocket tee with the palm tree leaves. It is perfect for the spring break activities! Throw on a pair of jean shorts and good to go!

Two / This is an open jacket that doesn't zip up! I think it would be really cute to throw over your swimsuit for the day or to put on while lounging around.

Three / The lace-up shirts are still trending. This one is the perfect turquoise color, which is a spring break essential color. Love having a pop of color to wear with a pair of white jeans or shorts.

Four / Sequins from PINK never go out of style. They have always had sequins on their clothing and this one is beyond adorable.

Five / Sports bras are my favorite to wear around the house when I am not planning to leave. I love this classic black one with the PINK logo dog.

Six / This color is a must-have! I have two things from PINK in this color and it beyond amazing! This workout top is next on my list!

Seven / Colorblocking is still a huge favorite of mine. And of course orange and pink is my favorite combo! I have a swimsuit from Victoria's Secret and it has the same color block colors!

Eight / Who else loves a good comfy pant to wear? I wear mine everywhere! To my friends' house, to the mailbox, to workout in, or to sleep in! This pair is tempting me so hard to get them!

Nine / Leggings that match the workout shirt that I need, now I need both! The stripe on the pants match the top above. Then having mesh down the bottom is so stinking cute!

Ten / High-neck sports bra?! PLEASE! I love my high-neck bathing suits, the perfect comfort for not worrying about cleavage popping out! I need this to work out in pronto!

Eleven / Another great classic black sports bra with the SPORT logo! You can never have too many comfy sports bras! Especially having a classic look as well.




Today is Friday. Today is a new thing. Today we are taking a moment before the weekend starts and I am mentioning a few things I have found this week that are new favs. I may not own some or may not even need to own. It may be a moment or a song. Here are a few Friday Favorites to start this weekend off!

Lilly Drink Tee

I have always loved Vineyard Vines shirts and this one just screams Lilly perfection. Maybe just bias because it is called the Lilly Drink Tee. This May I turn 21 and I am dying to see how the Lilly drink tastes! The one on this shirt is all things PINK and even a lemon.

Left | Right

Like I said above this May I turn 21 and I need to have one of these bottle openers. They are so stinking cute and how adorable would they be on a future bar cart?! I love both of them, how would I ever choose which I want!

 Country Playlist on Spotify
[spotify id="spotify%3Auser%3A1253491647%3Aplaylist%3A3QN8CKArqOdGpxYGJvAj8o" width="300" height="380" /]

I decided to add my Country Playlist I made on my Spotify this past month. The spring weather we have been lucky to get makes me love country music so much more. I have been loving all these songs I added, let me know if you like any of the songs!

Brushes || Mascara

Can we talk how perfect the aesthetic these makeup products have!? They were released for their magical themed line. These brushes are unbelievable crazy! They remind me exactly of Unicorn horns, which make me want them so much more! The mascara is redone to be more magically, let me say this, I want! I have used this mascara before multiple times, it's always a good High-End mascara to fall back on!

Galifornia Benefit Blush

Oh, Benefit, why must you add to the crazy amazing things I want. I love the Box Blushes and really want this one now! The color of this blush is so pretty with the bright pink and golden glow to top it off!

Makeup is always a huge favorite of mine. I have all the makeup I could possibly every need and I still want more. What can I say, I am a girl, makeup is an outlook for me. I love being able to play with makeup and do new looks with different colors and products. I always have an ongoing wish list of multiple things. Today I am sharing my items I am currently wanting. Beware, you may want to spend some money. PS! I am sharing my thoughts on two of my new favorites at the end. 

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

Call me crazy, but I am on a HUGE highlighter phase. I have a few of my own so far and I keep wanting more! I love having the perfect bronze look with my Hoola bronzer and a nice color with a blush, to finish the look off I add a perfect highlight glow. At the bottom of this post, you will see a highlighter I recently purchased and I want MORE! I have linked all these amazing highlighters, let me know if you have any of these, I can't decide which one I want next.

1 || 2 || 3 (pink plaid)

These three products on the very top of my wish list. I have been using some Anastasia Beverly Hills products for a while and I need to get the Brow Wiz. I have the Pomade for brows, but I love a pencil to fill in my brows. Philosophy came out with a summer scent that I NEED to smell. If it smells anything like my HOLY GRAIL Bobbi Brown BEACH perfume then I will run to get it. MAC is an all time lipstick favorite of mine, I tried this one color on in-store and I keep thinking about it still. I am waiting till MAC goes to Ulta which will be online in MAY then in stores in JUNE!! Finally, my favorite makeup brand will be at ULTA, where I can gain points and use my rewards on.

Transcendence || Pink Nouveau

Let me tell you about these two amazing products. I purchased them in February and having been using them nonstop since then. This highlighter from STILA is beyond gorgeous, it gives the prettiest blue pink glow. It feels like a cream product in the pan but goes on as a powder. This lipstick is the color Pink Nouveau, which I am wearing in a previous post. I have seen multiple bloggers wear this color and I fell in love with it. It is the perfect Barbie pink, not too bright and has a blue-pink undertone. See my selfie below where I am trying to show off the highlight with the lipstick.

Shopping for Lilly Pulitzer can be very tricky at times, although a fun ride. Many times I am asked how do I buy so much Lilly and where do I purchase it. Buying Lilly Pulitzer has now become more than a hobby of mine, I have learned so many tricks and keyholes of buying Lilly and wearing it.

  1. Buy what you love when you can. I have learned from experience if you love something to buy it while you can. I have decided to wait before, then I regretted it when I could not find it anymore. If you can't buy it that day, you go home and if you keep thinking about that piece, find a way to get it. Either try to sell an older clothing item you don't like as much now or rather have something newer.

  2. Take pictures of everything you try on. If you take 10 dresses to try on in fitting rooms, take a picture of every single dress. I mean it. I always go and look back at I have tried on in the past to see what I liked and didn't. It even helps to create a Note on your phone of the style, picture, and the size that fits. For when the sales come up you have the information you need to purchase!

  3. Shop local. I can't stress this enough! I love shopping locally to Pink Bee in Greenville, SC. I live roughly 30 minutes from Pink Bee and the drive is worth it every time. I even have another signature store closer to where I live, but I love Pink Bee so much more I rather drive the extra 20 minutes.

  4. J.Crew Factory will be your best friend. If you have many pairs of Lilly shorts or skorts, finding tops to pair are essential. You will also find many shorts to match tops as well. Currently, they have these shirts that match so many of my Lilly shorts. You can always find them on a good sale to get shirts to match your shorts for less than $20!

  5. Shop sales. If your budget is very limited, that is OKAY! Shop sales to stock up on your favorite shorts or tops to keep your Lilly collection growing. Usually, around the time Lilly Pulitzer does the After Party Sale, signature stores will join the sales. They may have their own twist to them but they need to get rid of the past season items they have as well. I always check local stores for their sales. Call and ask multiple stores if possible, they are there to help find your Lilly needs and wants!


MAC is pleasing makeup fanatics right now. They announced a 5 day 25% everything sale! Every once in a while they have this sale and I always take part in it. I already don't mind paying $17 for a lipstick from them because they are my all time favorites. But to get them 25% off is unbelievably amazing! I thought that I would share a few favorites of mine. Speed Dial and Pink Plaid are the two lipsticks I purchase from the sale and the four below are some of my favorites I already own. I think if you have ever thought about a certain color from MAC, you need to run to this sale. The only downside I have found is you have to spend $50 to get free shipping, so my mom and I combined our orders together.

If you are seeing this after the sale, don't let that stop you from signing up for their emails. They did this sale at the end of November in 2016, so it has been frequent. Also, $17 for their lipsticks are so worth it. The color options are endless, over 200 colors in the regular lipsticks! So if you can't wait to try a color just buy it, I have nothing but positive opinions on their lipsticks.

Reminder this sale is for everything at MAC, not just the lipsticks! 

If you are shopping online you can get 3% back from Ebates! for a $50 purchase you can $1.50 back! The amount adds up over time especially if you do a lot of online shopping! I won't complain about getting back a dollar here or there. If you sign up now, you get $10 right now! Just use this link here and you can get started!
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

So hurry quick this sale ends March 20th at 11:59 -- Monday!

I have to say this has been one of my favorite spring releases. I may say that every time but gosh this release is so stinking cute! I love the print Gypsea and Never Been Betta. If you are obsessed with all the fish prints then this is your release to look at. I was sitting down telling my mom all the things I wanted and the list kept growing! I think I have narrowed down a lot to items I at least want to try on. Let me warn you now, I am obsessed with the Gypsea print!


First and Fourth Dress: Let's talk dresses first. I can't quit talking about how much I need this bell sleeve tunic dress. I am curious to see how short the tunic dress is, I love both prints that it comes in and probably won't be able to decide which one I want!

Second Dress: I always love a shift dress, and this one is very stunning. I love the twist with the fringe detail at the waist and the back is just as cute with the racerback cut. If I didn't already have my Easter dress, this one would be a second contender.

Third Dress: This is actually a coverup but I consider it is a "shorter" dress. Let me say that this striped print is so adorable. I see summer days coming up in the future while looking at this print. The blues, pinks, oranges, and greens all scream summer days at the pool or beach.

Okay, you may say I am obsessed with the Gypsea print, I know.

So the first tank is actually in the print Never Been Betta. It reminds me of the Gigi tank that I have purchased in the past. I love it paired with the blue shorts, it brings out the small touch of blue within the print.

Second outfit is a so cute from the top to the shorts. I love a good Essie top and this one is now ranked in my favorites. Then having the yellow denim shorts to match the top makes the whole outfit a must have for spring to come.

Lilly Pulitzer lives in this third outfit. When I think of true classic Lilly Pulitzer this is exactly I imagine in my head. Forget the cold shoulder tops and cutout dresses. I need and want this tunic and pants to create this unique set. My mom and I both are unbelievably obsessed with this outfit and I can't wait to try this on to see how I like it.

As I am looking at this fourth outfit, gosh this print keeps growing on me as I am writing this post. Let me say I will most likely be purchasing this top ASAP. I love having shirt like this one, it reminds me of the Southern Charm Betsey top that came out last spring. As I am seeing two of these tops matching these shorts I think I need them as well.

Last outfit are these new boardshorts that I dying to try on! I love that they have a 5" inseam and they look extremely comfy! I love Lilly shorts and having a pair of shorts that are beyond cute and comfy make everything better.


Let's get to the things I want even more than clothes. With my upcoming Charleston Spring Break trip I am wanting the weekender tote bag and cosmetic case for the getaway with my mom. To top off any outfit I want this tassel bracelet, I love how it looks like multiple bracelets but only one to put on!
Makeup is a hobby of mine, besides shopping and fashion. I love long trips to Ulta and testing new makeup products. I will go ahead and say this I don't wear foundation and rarely concealer. Eyeshadow and lipstick are a major necessity in my makeup routine. Mascara is one of the given needs while putting on makeup. Today I am giving you my mini reviews on each of these products that I love!

Hoola Bronzer is favorite year round. It is a highly rated product from Benefit, many people love using it as a bronzer or even to contour. I personally use it to add some warmth to my face with or without a tan. I am not a pro at contouring, but I try my best to add dimension to my face.

Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara will be a top contender of my mascara collection. I have had multiple tubes of this mascara and can say I will always love purchasing it. Lancôme has another mascara favorite of mine, Définicils, which is almost a tie to this mascara.

MAC Cosmetics has some of my most favorite lipsticks ever. I never hesitate the price when purchasing from MAC. I love the color options, textures, and the Vanilla smell is perfect! This color shown is Plumful, which is described as a rosy-plum and pairs great with the Half-Red lipliner from MAC.

Creating the perfect winged eyeliner can be hard unless you have the best eyeliner to do it with. Stila  Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is the best eyeliner I have come by. I have tried multiple others, none compare to this one. I have even tried the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner that is a highly rated one as well, but it still never compared to my Stila one. The Kat Von D made my eyes burn while putting it on if I got too close to my lash line. Stila one lasts all day, easy to apply, easy to take off, and waterproof!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is a lovely favorite of mine. First, can we state how adorable the packaging is?! It reminds me of hair rollers and is so vintage! This mascara is known for holding the curl all day, which I can say it does! I always curl my lashes before applying coats of mascara. Then using this mascara helps lengthen my lashes and holds the curl!

This is one of the palettes I could not wait to get my hands on! The Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette was the longest for my to have my hands on! I would check my Ulta for it and waited roughly a month till they finally had back in stock! I was able to use my reward points and got almost $21 off!  Ever since I have had this palette, I have been in love! The colors are so unique and different to my Urban Decay Naked palettes. I love the red and plum colors in the palette, they make playing with makeup so much better.

My favorite blush at the moment is something so versatile, that goes with most makeup looks. Benefit Sugarbomb is the perfect blush to carry with you on trips or wearing on a daily basis. The four shades all blend together to a natural color and has the perfect amount of shimmer to add some color to your cheeks.

Urban Decay carries my second favorite lipsticks. This one specific color, Rapture, is one of my most used colors. I can wear is pretty much year round, depending what I wear. It is described as a dusty rose and I loved this color so much I purchased the blush to match! I use this lipstick on days I don't have any eyeshadow or when I use my Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay.

Eyebrows are a big essential when it comes to putting on my makeup. Some days all I wear is mascara and I fix my eyebrows. That is what I MUST put on to exit the house. Anastasia has a great Dipbrow Pomade that has many color options to match. To top off the setting of brows I love the Clear Brow Gel, which I recently got in my Play! By Sephora monthly subscription box. I have used it many times since I got it and love how it sets my brows and keeps them perfectly in place. When they are set, it almost feels like glue in my eyebrows!

Highlighter is becoming a raved product to have. Everyone loves seeing highlighted cheek bones in pictures and makes you glow. I love testing out highlighters and I love the Urban Decay Shimmering Powder for Face and Body. I have two of the colors and love using them. Some people say they have too much glitter, but I love the shimmer payoff they give.

You may ask. All this makeup what do I use to take off my makeup? I use the Makeup Eraser. I have used it roughly for a year now and am obsessed. I have a total of 3, one for a backup, and two to use rotating while one is being washed. Sadly you can't find them at Ulta, but you can at Sephora and Aerie(by American Eagle)! When American Eagle does the 40% off purchase, usually these are included so last time they had that sale I bought two. With just wetting the Eraser, I just wipe off all of my makeup. Once a week or two roughly, just throw it in the washing machine and ready to use again!


Since it is finally March, my mind is set on wearing all Spring outfits. I recently went to J.Crew Factory and fell in love with this Ruffle-sleeve top. Not only am I obsessed with the stripes, it is NAVY stripes! Navy is a huge staple item year round in my closet, I can never say no to navy. Which brings me to my favorite purse I have ever carried. My Longchamp, this one is the smallest size in navy, of course.

I recently scored it on a great deal on GILT along with the backpack style as well. They always have Longchamp and Jack Rogers go on sale every once in a while. I just get notified when they have either and I shop away. I purchased this small Longchamp for $79 which is originally $95. I have a black one in this small style and have carried it since 2014 and it still has so much life to it. Longchamp Le Pilage will be one of my all time favorites to carry for years. I have around 7 Longchamp bags total and each gets so much love year round. I love how easy and light they are to carry, even better, so easy to store by folding them up! The color options are countless, they have classic colors year round and have new colors within certain seasons. For my upcoming Charleston trip with my mom, I plan to carry the backpack one everywhere!

Okay, let's talk about some of the most popular shoes going around already! It isn't even spring and this style of shoe is talked about everywhere. I purchased the dupe version by Steven Madden which were only $60 on DSW! I have worn them a few times now and they are the perfect wedge. I love this cognac color which will go with so many outfits. For a pair of $60 wedges, I was really impressed with them. They are really easy to walk in because the platform makes it not a huge heel to walk in.

I used to think wearing jeans were the worse thing ever until I found a pair I love. American Eagle has so many options of jeans and their Jeggings are officially an obsession. I got one pair around fall time and I wore that one pair for days and days. It was time to add more in my closet. I have always hated jeans mainly because they always were so heavy and uncomfortable, but not these jeggings. They have so much stretch and cotton in them that I enjoy wearing them! I do size up in jeans and wear a belt, I like to have the most room I can have and not have them fall off my hips.

Last I wanted to talk about is the lipstick I am wearing. I have seen a few bloggers wear it and I had to have it. When I saw it was from MAC, I knew it wouldn't be long before I got it because MAC is my all time favorite brand for lipsticks. I have a total of 9 of them now and want more! They have the best color selections that range from every shade I could possibly think of! Each time I am looking for a specific color they always have one. This color I am wearing is Pink Nouveau, it is described as a Satin Bright Pink on MAC, I say it is the perfect light Barbie Pink that isn't a too extreme blue pink. I have worn it a few times now and it wears great, it looks amazing with a tan and goes with so many outfits. One touch I love about MAC lipsticks is that majority of them have a vanilla scent and it makes me so happy while applying my lipstick.


Steve Madden Jaylen Wedges (which I am wearing in Cognac) - Chloé ones - Marc Fisher ones

American Eagle Jeggings - Ruffle-sleeve Top - Sunglasses

Necklace - Longchamp - Pink Nouveau Lipstick


Spring Break is either upon us or very near to us. My spring break is the first week of April and my mom and I are heading to Charleston for 3 nights. I am beyond excited and wanted to share a few Spring Break must haves that I want for myself! (All are from Lilly Pulitzer except one.)

Poncho / Weekender Tote Bag / Sea Flower Earrings / Tassel Earrings / Wrap Sandals
Aloha Beaches Sun Hat / Bohemian Choker / Crossbody Bag / Tassel Bracelet / Cosmetic Case

\I am usually not a huge fan of wearing ponchos, but I need this pink one which will go with so many Lilly outfits. Plus you never know if it will rain during the spring so having a cute option on hand will make things easy. ///

\A weekender tote bag is a must to carry the items you need for your getaway. Some trips may be a week long or a few nights, having a larger bag will help carry all your needs. It helps when it is gorgeous new spring print. ///

\These sea flower earrings are a new must have I need. I think they will go with so many outfits, from a dressed up outfit to a casual shorts outfit. The gold color is always a staple to go with all Lilly outfits. ///

\How adorable are these tassel earrings and with the seashell. I want them even if I have to find an outfit to wear them with. The bright-colored tassels are the best part! ///

\I am IN LOVE with the wrap sandals, I love the print on them. It also looks like it may match a lot of Lilly prints. ///

\I am sold on this sun hat that is actually from Forever 21 and only $15! I love the phrases like "Aloha Beaches", which is perfect for spring break and summer! I love my sun hat I got from J.Crew Factory last year and I may need to add this one to my closet. ///

\I have never been a huge fan of chokers until I saw this one. I am so glad Lilly came out with a choker I could wear with a cute colorful romper or a sundress. The seashells add a perfect little touch to top it all off. ///

\I love my crossbody bag I have from Lilly and I really want this cork one with the yellow pop of color. A crossbody is an essential for any trip, even a shopping trip. It is so much easier to carry a bag that can be worn crossbody and this is perfect to spend a day on the beach or shopping around downtown. ///

\I think everyone will be obsessed with this bracelet. If you are eyeing it, you may need to get it asap if possible. Everyone loves a pineapple accessory, this one is super cute. The tassels, beading, and layers of bracelets will be a hot piece to have. ///

\Last, the perfect piece to put all your spring makeup to wear. And of course, you need it to match your weekender tote bag. Having things that match is always the best. ///