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5 Tips for Buying Lilly Pulitzer

Shopping for Lilly Pulitzer can be very tricky at times, although a fun ride. Many times I am asked how do I buy so much Lilly and where do I purchase it. Buying Lilly Pulitzer has now become more than a hobby of mine, I have learned so many tricks and keyholes of buying Lilly and wearing it.

  1. Buy what you love when you can. I have learned from experience if you love something to buy it while you can. I have decided to wait before, then I regretted it when I could not find it anymore. If you can't buy it that day, you go home and if you keep thinking about that piece, find a way to get it. Either try to sell an older clothing item you don't like as much now or rather have something newer.

  2. Take pictures of everything you try on. If you take 10 dresses to try on in fitting rooms, take a picture of every single dress. I mean it. I always go and look back at I have tried on in the past to see what I liked and didn't. It even helps to create a Note on your phone of the style, picture, and the size that fits. For when the sales come up you have the information you need to purchase!

  3. Shop local. I can't stress this enough! I love shopping locally to Pink Bee in Greenville, SC. I live roughly 30 minutes from Pink Bee and the drive is worth it every time. I even have another signature store closer to where I live, but I love Pink Bee so much more I rather drive the extra 20 minutes.

  4. J.Crew Factory will be your best friend. If you have many pairs of Lilly shorts or skorts, finding tops to pair are essential. You will also find many shorts to match tops as well. Currently, they have these shirts that match so many of my Lilly shorts. You can always find them on a good sale to get shirts to match your shorts for less than $20!

  5. Shop sales. If your budget is very limited, that is OKAY! Shop sales to stock up on your favorite shorts or tops to keep your Lilly collection growing. Usually, around the time Lilly Pulitzer does the After Party Sale, signature stores will join the sales. They may have their own twist to them but they need to get rid of the past season items they have as well. I always check local stores for their sales. Call and ask multiple stores if possible, they are there to help find your Lilly needs and wants!


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