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Friday Favs

Today is Friday. Today is a new thing. Today we are taking a moment before the weekend starts and I am mentioning a few things I have found this week that are new favs. I may not own some or may not even need to own. It may be a moment or a song. Here are a few Friday Favorites to start this weekend off!

Lilly Drink Tee

I have always loved Vineyard Vines shirts and this one just screams Lilly perfection. Maybe just bias because it is called the Lilly Drink Tee. This May I turn 21 and I am dying to see how the Lilly drink tastes! The one on this shirt is all things PINK and even a lemon.

Left | Right

Like I said above this May I turn 21 and I need to have one of these bottle openers. They are so stinking cute and how adorable would they be on a future bar cart?! I love both of them, how would I ever choose which I want!

 Country Playlist on Spotify
[spotify id="spotify%3Auser%3A1253491647%3Aplaylist%3A3QN8CKArqOdGpxYGJvAj8o" width="300" height="380" /]

I decided to add my Country Playlist I made on my Spotify this past month. The spring weather we have been lucky to get makes me love country music so much more. I have been loving all these songs I added, let me know if you like any of the songs!

Brushes || Mascara

Can we talk how perfect the aesthetic these makeup products have!? They were released for their magical themed line. These brushes are unbelievable crazy! They remind me exactly of Unicorn horns, which make me want them so much more! The mascara is redone to be more magically, let me say this, I want! I have used this mascara before multiple times, it's always a good High-End mascara to fall back on!

Galifornia Benefit Blush

Oh, Benefit, why must you add to the crazy amazing things I want. I love the Box Blushes and really want this one now! The color of this blush is so pretty with the bright pink and golden glow to top it off!

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