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Get MAC Lipsticks for 25% off!

MAC is pleasing makeup fanatics right now. They announced a 5 day 25% everything sale! Every once in a while they have this sale and I always take part in it. I already don't mind paying $17 for a lipstick from them because they are my all time favorites. But to get them 25% off is unbelievably amazing! I thought that I would share a few favorites of mine. Speed Dial and Pink Plaid are the two lipsticks I purchase from the sale and the four below are some of my favorites I already own. I think if you have ever thought about a certain color from MAC, you need to run to this sale. The only downside I have found is you have to spend $50 to get free shipping, so my mom and I combined our orders together.

If you are seeing this after the sale, don't let that stop you from signing up for their emails. They did this sale at the end of November in 2016, so it has been frequent. Also, $17 for their lipsticks are so worth it. The color options are endless, over 200 colors in the regular lipsticks! So if you can't wait to try a color just buy it, I have nothing but positive opinions on their lipsticks.

Reminder this sale is for everything at MAC, not just the lipsticks! 

If you are shopping online you can get 3% back from Ebates! for a $50 purchase you can $1.50 back! The amount adds up over time especially if you do a lot of online shopping! I won't complain about getting back a dollar here or there. If you sign up now, you get $10 right now! Just use this link here and you can get started!
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

So hurry quick this sale ends March 20th at 11:59 -- Monday!

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