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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tomorrow morning my mom and I will be on our way to Charleston, SC! Yesterday started off our Spring Break for this year! We have been planning this trip for months, since before Christmas. We are so excited and I believe it will be very hard to fall asleep tonight! Today I am showing what are a few essentials I will be bringing on my trip. When I travel, I like to bring some of my favorites that I can't live without!

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I am featuring my new Makeup Bag that I purchased at Pink Bee a few weeks ago during the Lunch @ Lilly! I am obsessed with the print of the bag. A key feature I love about the makeup bag is that it opens all the way up to where you can see all the products inside. I was able to fit all these makeup products in the makeup bag easily and with a little more room to fit more.

I'm not going to discuss each and ever product above, but if you have any questions about my opinion on the ones I don't discuss just comment below and I'll answer back! Let me start off saying that above I have shown about every product you could ever need while traveling (besides foundation if you wear it, I don't).

Makeup brushes are always an essential if you plan to wear eyeshadow, Real Techniques has some of my favorite brushes, they have multiple options and even great sets you can buy. I also enjoy the It Cosmetics Brushes when I get a 20% off at Ulta. Their brushes are much more high-end and more expensive but have endless options to choose from.

Lipsticks are obviously a must-have for your makeup and MAC Cosmetics is the one brand I will continuously purchase my lipsticks from. They have endless color options, which I also share more of my opinion on my recent MAC post. They have all colors, finishes and even liquid lipsticks. If you are a lip gloss kind of girl, they have plenty of those as well!

Since I will be right near the ocean during this trip, I will need a finishing spray to hold all my makeup in place. Of course, Urban Decay will have the perfect setting spray to keep my makeup fresh all day for all the photos I will be taking. To go along with Urban Decay, the NAKED palettes all have the perfect colors to complete daily eyeshadow looks.

I think traveling with a cheek palette makes it easier. Benefit has been coming out with palettes with their popular FULL SIZED blushes and bronzers. I love mine and they just released a NEW one this past week, which is linked. I love having all the blush and bronzer I need in one place, instead of packing many containers of individual ones.

Traveling with makeup can make us want to bring every favorite we have in our entire collection. Trust me, I have tried to do this before. I have learned to bring products that I can get the most use out of. The palette that you love that has cool colors that you can only wear with a certain color scheme outfit, don't pack it. Bring a palette that has more of a variety of colors for multiple looks. Always pack the concealers, foundation, mascara, eyebrow, etc products that you need for everyday makeup. Then pack products that have everything you need in one for your makeup. If you have any questions about products I did not discuss, just comment below!

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