Paradise is Never Been Betta

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I have to say this has been one of my favorite spring releases. I may say that every time but gosh this release is so stinking cute! I love the print Gypsea and Never Been Betta. If you are obsessed with all the fish prints then this is your release to look at. I was sitting down telling my mom all the things I wanted and the list kept growing! I think I have narrowed down a lot to items I at least want to try on. Let me warn you now, I am obsessed with the Gypsea print!


First and Fourth Dress: Let's talk dresses first. I can't quit talking about how much I need this bell sleeve tunic dress. I am curious to see how short the tunic dress is, I love both prints that it comes in and probably won't be able to decide which one I want!

Second Dress: I always love a shift dress, and this one is very stunning. I love the twist with the fringe detail at the waist and the back is just as cute with the racerback cut. If I didn't already have my Easter dress, this one would be a second contender.

Third Dress: This is actually a coverup but I consider it is a "shorter" dress. Let me say that this striped print is so adorable. I see summer days coming up in the future while looking at this print. The blues, pinks, oranges, and greens all scream summer days at the pool or beach.

Okay, you may say I am obsessed with the Gypsea print, I know.

So the first tank is actually in the print Never Been Betta. It reminds me of the Gigi tank that I have purchased in the past. I love it paired with the blue shorts, it brings out the small touch of blue within the print.

Second outfit is a so cute from the top to the shorts. I love a good Essie top and this one is now ranked in my favorites. Then having the yellow denim shorts to match the top makes the whole outfit a must have for spring to come.

Lilly Pulitzer lives in this third outfit. When I think of true classic Lilly Pulitzer this is exactly I imagine in my head. Forget the cold shoulder tops and cutout dresses. I need and want this tunic and pants to create this unique set. My mom and I both are unbelievably obsessed with this outfit and I can't wait to try this on to see how I like it.

As I am looking at this fourth outfit, gosh this print keeps growing on me as I am writing this post. Let me say I will most likely be purchasing this top ASAP. I love having shirt like this one, it reminds me of the Southern Charm Betsey top that came out last spring. As I am seeing two of these tops matching these shorts I think I need them as well.

Last outfit are these new boardshorts that I dying to try on! I love that they have a 5" inseam and they look extremely comfy! I love Lilly shorts and having a pair of shorts that are beyond cute and comfy make everything better.


Let's get to the things I want even more than clothes. With my upcoming Charleston Spring Break trip I am wanting the weekender tote bag and cosmetic case for the getaway with my mom. To top off any outfit I want this tassel bracelet, I love how it looks like multiple bracelets but only one to put on!
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