Ruffle-Sleeve Top & $60 DUPE

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Since it is finally March, my mind is set on wearing all Spring outfits. I recently went to J.Crew Factory and fell in love with this Ruffle-sleeve top. Not only am I obsessed with the stripes, it is NAVY stripes! Navy is a huge staple item year round in my closet, I can never say no to navy. Which brings me to my favorite purse I have ever carried. My Longchamp, this one is the smallest size in navy, of course.

I recently scored it on a great deal on GILT along with the backpack style as well. They always have Longchamp and Jack Rogers go on sale every once in a while. I just get notified when they have either and I shop away. I purchased this small Longchamp for $79 which is originally $95. I have a black one in this small style and have carried it since 2014 and it still has so much life to it. Longchamp Le Pilage will be one of my all time favorites to carry for years. I have around 7 Longchamp bags total and each gets so much love year round. I love how easy and light they are to carry, even better, so easy to store by folding them up! The color options are countless, they have classic colors year round and have new colors within certain seasons. For my upcoming Charleston trip with my mom, I plan to carry the backpack one everywhere!

Okay, let's talk about some of the most popular shoes going around already! It isn't even spring and this style of shoe is talked about everywhere. I purchased the dupe version by Steven Madden which were only $60 on DSW! I have worn them a few times now and they are the perfect wedge. I love this cognac color which will go with so many outfits. For a pair of $60 wedges, I was really impressed with them. They are really easy to walk in because the platform makes it not a huge heel to walk in.

I used to think wearing jeans were the worse thing ever until I found a pair I love. American Eagle has so many options of jeans and their Jeggings are officially an obsession. I got one pair around fall time and I wore that one pair for days and days. It was time to add more in my closet. I have always hated jeans mainly because they always were so heavy and uncomfortable, but not these jeggings. They have so much stretch and cotton in them that I enjoy wearing them! I do size up in jeans and wear a belt, I like to have the most room I can have and not have them fall off my hips.

Last I wanted to talk about is the lipstick I am wearing. I have seen a few bloggers wear it and I had to have it. When I saw it was from MAC, I knew it wouldn't be long before I got it because MAC is my all time favorite brand for lipsticks. I have a total of 9 of them now and want more! They have the best color selections that range from every shade I could possibly think of! Each time I am looking for a specific color they always have one. This color I am wearing is Pink Nouveau, it is described as a Satin Bright Pink on MAC, I say it is the perfect light Barbie Pink that isn't a too extreme blue pink. I have worn it a few times now and it wears great, it looks amazing with a tan and goes with so many outfits. One touch I love about MAC lipsticks is that majority of them have a vanilla scent and it makes me so happy while applying my lipstick.

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