Summer has finally arrived at Lilly Pulitzer and it has won me over already!! I always fall in love with summer prints, no matter what it is I usually like most of the prints. Below I am sharing some pieces that I need to try on next time I'm shopping! I also had to add accessories that have caught my eye. Lately, I am wanting more accessories to make my outfits pop more. I have a huge obsession with necklaces and bracelets now! Anyone else loving the first summer shipment? Can't wait to see new prints in the next few months! SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! I just ended all my classes yesterday!

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It is a full bloom of spring out now. The weather is now becoming perfect and hopefully stays this way. I love spring time mainly because of the weather. Yes, summer is my favorite season, but I wish where I live the weather always be like it is in spring. Today I wanted to share this outfit, I was obsessed once I saw it paired together online. Unlike most sets, this one is actually a pair of pants and tunic to purchase separately. I've seen it worn separate with other pieces or together (which is my favorite). 

I love this print, I also have the cosmetic case in it. But I love the Betta Fish in this print and the light blue as the main color is always a favorite. Another great thing about this print it looks great with white! You could pair the tunic with white pants or the pants with a cute white blouse. There are so many colors within this print, so many colors make it perfect for spring!




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Happy Easter my Lilly Friends! It is the day that you see everyone and their mom wear their first Lilly Pulitzer dress, which so happens that was me in 2013. My very first Lilly Pulitzer dress was from Goodwill that my mom found for $7! I wore it that Easter and then here I am 4 years later. I wore my first Lilly in 2013, then a full year later in 2014 I wanted to actually purchase a new Lilly dress to wear that year for Easter. It was going to be my first full price item from Lilly. After purchasing my full price Lilly dress in 2014, the obsession became real. So technically 3 years later my collection has grown excessively. Today I am sharing my new Lilly Pulitzer dress I bought to wear this Easter and had the perfect moment to capture these photos while I was in Charleston, SC during my Spring Break.

This dress I am wearing had me madly in love with it as soon as I saw the preview photo. I love the purple and all the safari animals. I love having animals all over my clothes! This color just screams an Easter Egg that you would dye on Sunday afternoon. Anyone else remember the days of dyeing Easter Eggs? Or does anyone still have that tradition?

Happy Easter everyone and Enjoy your day with Friends and Family!



Mila Shift | White Jack Rogers

I have made it official that I only wear two comfy t-shirt brands. Vineyard Vines is the top one, PINK is the second one. Vineyard Vines is the best t-shirts to wear year round, especially the holiday ones! Since spring is here, I love looking at the upcoming Summer designs to have. Today I am sharing my top picks of the t-shirts that are online NOW!


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From the water screenprint to the beachside view. Vineyard Vines has all the summer needs t-shirts. I love wearing them all summer to babysit or to my job. I wear mine usually with some J.Crew Factory shorts, Nike shorts, or a pair of white jeans or shorts. These shirts always have the perfect comfy look and are also easy to make your outfit not look too casual. All of these shirts are perfect for the spring and upcoming summer days.

Happy Friday! It is officially a week before Good Friday! Do you have your Easter Dress yet? I do! If not, I've linked some of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Dresses that will be great for easter below, still time to hurry and get the perfect dress! Today I am also sharing a few adorable Easter goodies, some may even be good to go in an Easter Basket! 

Golden Egg || Bunch of Carrots || Chick 'N' Mix

If you love LUSH, these are perfect for you. How can LUSH make some of the cutest bath items? I love all three of these products. I want all of them! Who else wants Easter theme bath bombs and bubble bars?!



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Vineyard Vines has the cutest shirts for all occasions, EVEN EASTER!! I love both of these, the one on the right is beyond adorable!

If you don't have your Easter Dress yet, click through this widget to see some of my top picks to wear this Easter!

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Spring is officially here and I am smelling new scents to wear. I am a huge fan of BEACH by Bobbi Brown, it will always be a huge, huge favorite of mine. I am on the hunt to find a new scent to wear, not to replace BEACH, but to wear when I need to savor it. My mom and I went on the hunt at Ulta recently to smell a ton of perfume scents. By the end of that shopping trip, we smelt roughly 20 different perfumes. These below are the ones that made the cut that I would enjoy wearing on the days I don't wear BEACH. The top favorite that we smelt was the LIVE COLORFULLY Sunshine from Kate Spade. I love the spring scent it gave off and wasn't an overpowering floral scent.

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