It is a full bloom of spring out now. The weather is now becoming perfect and hopefully stays this way. I love spring time mainly because of the weather. Yes, summer is my favorite season, but I wish where I live the weather always be like it is in spring. Today I wanted to share this outfit, I was obsessed once I saw it paired together online. Unlike most sets, this one is actually a pair of pants and tunic to purchase separately. I've seen it worn separate with other pieces or together (which is my favorite). 

I love this print, I also have the cosmetic case in it. But I love the Betta Fish in this print and the light blue as the main color is always a favorite. Another great thing about this print it looks great with white! You could pair the tunic with white pants or the pants with a cute white blouse. There are so many colors within this print, so many colors make it perfect for spring!




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