BIG 21 Wishlist

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My birthday is coming up so quickly. I can't believe I will be 21 at the end of the month. All year my wishlist grows of things I need or just want. This year I have a wide range of things I want. I am in love with the Jack Rogers below, ever since I saw these styles, I have been loving them.
I also am a huge fan of all Kendra Scott jewelry, I have been wanting a ring to go with all my jewelry I have and I customized one below. I love the gold metal and the iridescent drusy stone. I also have always wanted a bracelet from Kendra Scott and love the style of the one below. It will be the perfect cuff for any outfit or arm candy! Does anyone have a Tiffany necklace? I have ALWAYS wanted one for years! One day I will get myself one but always would love to receive one! I know it is a pricey wishlist item but who else wants something in a little blue box! I want and need to Instagram famous Unicorn makeup brushes that Tarte came out with recently. I have seen so many people use them or post photos and I'm obsessed with them. On more childish and colorful notes, I need Kinetic Sand and Play Foam. I work at an Elementary Afterschool program and kids all the time have Slime they made during school. I always have wanted some satisfying object to play with and these are the two things I need!

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