MERMAID for Summer

Monday, May 29, 2017

Who doesn't want to be a mermaid? Wait, who also is secretly one? I know for a fact I am. Well in my eyes I am. Anyone else?  I may not actually have a long scaled tail with beautiful ocean colors, I can dream with all the mermaid accessories. I feel like every store you go into, there are mermaid items! It took me only a few minutes to find tons of options just from looking at popular places I always check.

Down below are some new mermaid things I fell in love with that just scream summer, also a seashell bra and long tail. I really love all the pool floats that you can find these past years. Now you can have an actually tail float for your pool, so then you are definitely a mermaid! The shell float is just as glamourous if you already have your tail, just to lay on all day in your home for the summer.

I recently have been seeing more small pins that people are putting on their bags they carry. I have a Longchamp bookbag that I put a small pineapple pin on the straps to show when I wear it. I think I need this mermaid one to show my secret side. Then I could carry one of these total summer and beach phone cases to piece all my outfit together.

Since I will be 21 on the 31st of this month. I am loving all the bottle openers that I am seeing. I love the idea of a mermaid on to place on a future bar chart maybe. The perfect turquoise color it is, which will always be a summer classic.

Mermaid float | Shell Float | Part Mermaid PinBottle Opener | Shell Case | Palm Case

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