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Summer + Netflix

It is officially summer and that means time to binge watch all the Netflix as possible! I love finding new shows to watch on Netflix and usually when I find a show I enjoy I finish it too fast. Then it is time to find a new show to binge watch all over again! Today I thought I would share some of my favorite shows to watch. Each of them below may have slight drama or very intense drama. I always like to find some shows that have good laughs as well. Also warning, most of these shows do have cussing, the NETFLIX series have tons of cussing with unneeded words as well if you know what I mean! 

If you miss Lilly from Hannah Montana, you need to see this show. If you miss her quirky humor, you get to see tons of if on this show. It is full of comedy and just the perfect amount of romance.

This is the perfect GNO show to watch. This is one show you have to worry about excessive cussing, if you aren't a fan of it. If you love empowering shows for women you need to watch this one. You get to see how a small girl goes from paying rent from pennies to being a successful boss of her own. PS: It's about the girl who started

Cue all the drama, romance, and intense family issues in all one show. It has some twisted parts of this show but I really enjoy it. I always love a FreeForm series and this one is a must-see!

I can't stress how much I love New Girl. You could watch this show by yourself, with a bestie, or maybe a boyfriend! It has humor for everyone, my brothers even watch this show!

If you haven't heard of this show yet, where have you been?! It has escalated to be one of the most talked about shows in NO TIME! People are so obsessed and they already confirmed a raved second season. If you haven't seen this show yet, start working on these 13 episodes!

Talk about some nice eye candy, the guy in the middle sadly is a dad (in the show). This show is a repeat for me to watch. Just like every perfect show, there is some drama, romance, and comedy.

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