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College Back 2 School Essentials

I am officially starting a new school! I am so excited, I have been going to a community college since fall 2014. This year I am transferring to Converse College and finally one step closer to becoming a teacher!

With a new school year and a new school, I have added a few new items to my school essentials. To start off, a new backpack was first on my list this year. I have had one North Face backpack since my senior year of high school and I honestly would still carry it. The quality is amazing and it has held up great! I just love new things and getting a new backpack was needed with starting fresh! The one below is the one I picked for this year. Trust me it will last me till I graduate!

Each year it is a necessity to get a new agenda, Lilly Pulitzer is always my first place to grab one. There are so many different brands to choose from and it usually comes down to what print or pattern I like. Next year, I really want to try a Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I love seeing her instaposts about her agendas and they seem amazing! Also perfect for a busy college student that works multiple jobs!

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

Notebooks are always a must have, for writing notes for class or just a place to write random notes. I am obsessed with notebooks, the more the better. I have so many different sizes and colors, I could have plenty of notebooks to last me a very long time! Do I continue to buy more, YES! I am in love with the holographic kind I have been seeing everywhere; I even bought a colorful notepad that has holographic unicorns on it, who doesn't want that! To go with your notebooks and agenda, you need paperclips, sticky notes, pencils, erasers, all that good stuff. You can get it all in this adorable Kate Spade set that comes in a little box to store it all as well!

When it comes down to yourself, you need a reminder that you need to take time for yourself. Grace not Perfection is a new obsession of mine lately. Side note: I hate reading. When I find a book I like, it's a good one. I can't tell you how the whole book is so far because I am still in the process of reading it. Also a side note: I am a slow reader. For what I have read, I can say that at some point every young adult women need to read this book. Has so many different approaches, especially for a future self. And every once in a while you need to find a good book to read aside from school books.

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

North Face Backpack  Lilly Pulitzer Agenda  Holographic Notebook
PaperMate Gel Pens Kate Spade Box Grace Not Perfection

 Grace, Not Perfection
from: Emily Ley Paper, Inc.

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

Time to Prep for Lilly's APS

Who else LOVES a good sale? Who else LOVES getting Lilly Pulitzer ON SALE!? This sale is by far my favorites. This type of sale happens twice a year, New Years and in August. Let me tell you from my experiences, you do NOT want to miss out! I have shopped from these sales since Summer 2014, and they just keep getting better.

I have had many posts where I share many tips and advice on how to shop the After Party Sale. I feel like I have covered more than enough help in those post so I am going to share a few pictures of things I own that most likely will be included in the sale. I say most likely because some items may have sold out before now and won't be available but never hurts to look for something just in case.

I buy the majority of my Lilly items full price at Pink Bee, but I never fail to find something on sale. So go have fun researching and saving for the upcoming sale. The rumor is that it will start Monday, August 28th.

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Great time to pick out some NEW items for the NEW school year! You never know what they put on the sale, sometimes it can be something from LAST SUMMER or something from this past spring. Always be prepared for those items that you can't find online now and wish you purchased!

Hint: Anything most recent won't be included. Easy way to find an idea, go online BEFORE hand and see what you can purchase still on website, those items WON'T be included.


Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals
Here are a few things to look out for during the sale:

Lilly Pulitzer

Why I have been MIA!? - UPDATE

June 19, was my last blog post...

Have you ever just sat and wonder, What am I doing? I have thought that for many months. So many different emotions that my head can't grasp. I probably couldn't even try to explain the half of it to you. With that being said, I am back into things. I am trying my best to do MY BEST. Lately, I have been in my own world block. Kinda of like writers block. Just not wanting to do ANYTHING or try to. With the new school year coming, I have pushed and changed those ways. This summer I got extremely lazy and didn't want to try to blog, at all. To many things already were going on and I let my blog go pretty much. I feel terrible about it and regret not trying to pursue my blog this summer. Summer is always an exciting time, with new things happening and new places to go.

So I don't want to continue not blogging. I want my blog to come back and be so rich with new great content. Not just for who ever is reading this and my future posts, but for MYSELF! I loved blogging when I did it so consistent and I truly miss it. I stalk other bloggers and read their posts, just to feel like I am still with it. I have been working really hard getting my self back into things with myself, life, work, and blog lately. And today I am kicking off with letting you know I AM BACK! I already have a few posts scheduled and coming soon for you to read! I have outfits planned to be photographed and things will be booming soon!

I have been battling one question in my head for a few weeks now. Do I want to continue my blog as Darling In Lilly? I love Lilly Pulitzer, don't get me wrong. But my brain feels l always should be posting about Lilly since I brand it pretty much. I want to do so much more than Lilly too, other brands, lifestyle, makeup and beauty. I have been thinking of different names I'd possibly like to be. But can make a final decision if I should change my blog name or not. Let me know what you think! I have brainstormed two other names that still have Darling in it, which my mom and I still LOVE Darling In Lilly.

Heres two ideas:

  • Touch of Darling

  • Yes Darling Blog

Like I said nothing is set in stone, right now I am still Darling In Lilly on all social medias! I love my Lilly and want to adventure out more into the blogging world! Thank you so much if you READ this far and READ it all! I am truly thankful for my subscribers I do have here on my Blog and all the followers I have on all my Social Media accounts. Once I get all my blog back into shape and what direction I want to go, I am planning to do a Giveaway possibly when I hit 4000 followers on my Instagram! So go follow me and tell others to follow my Instagram as well!