Why I have been MIA!? - UPDATE

Monday, August 21, 2017

June 19, was my last blog post...

Have you ever just sat and wonder, What am I doing? I have thought that for many months. So many different emotions that my head can't grasp. I probably couldn't even try to explain the half of it to you. With that being said, I am back into things. I am trying my best to do MY BEST. Lately, I have been in my own world block. Kinda of like writers block. Just not wanting to do ANYTHING or try to. With the new school year coming, I have pushed and changed those ways. This summer I got extremely lazy and didn't want to try to blog, at all. To many things already were going on and I let my blog go pretty much. I feel terrible about it and regret not trying to pursue my blog this summer. Summer is always an exciting time, with new things happening and new places to go.

So I don't want to continue not blogging. I want my blog to come back and be so rich with new great content. Not just for who ever is reading this and my future posts, but for MYSELF! I loved blogging when I did it so consistent and I truly miss it. I stalk other bloggers and read their posts, just to feel like I am still with it. I have been working really hard getting my self back into things with myself, life, work, and blog lately. And today I am kicking off with letting you know I AM BACK! I already have a few posts scheduled and coming soon for you to read! I have outfits planned to be photographed and things will be booming soon!

I have been battling one question in my head for a few weeks now. Do I want to continue my blog as Darling In Lilly? I love Lilly Pulitzer, don't get me wrong. But my brain feels l always should be posting about Lilly since I brand it pretty much. I want to do so much more than Lilly too, other brands, lifestyle, makeup and beauty. I have been thinking of different names I'd possibly like to be. But can make a final decision if I should change my blog name or not. Let me know what you think! I have brainstormed two other names that still have Darling in it, which my mom and I still LOVE Darling In Lilly.

Heres two ideas:

  • Touch of Darling

  • Yes Darling Blog

Like I said nothing is set in stone, right now I am still Darling In Lilly on all social medias! I love my Lilly and want to adventure out more into the blogging world! Thank you so much if you READ this far and READ it all! I am truly thankful for my subscribers I do have here on my Blog and all the followers I have on all my Social Media accounts. Once I get all my blog back into shape and what direction I want to go, I am planning to do a Giveaway possibly when I hit 4000 followers on my Instagram! So go follow me and tell others to follow my Instagram as well!

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