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Ulta VS Sephora

Do you have a favorite between Ulta or Sephora? I have always been the biggest fan of Ulta, probably will for a very long time. I have shopped from both for a few years now and Ulta always has more pros than Sephora has in my opinion. Both have great things that the other doesn't have. 

Ulta Pros:
Reward Points - The best part about Ulta's Reward system is that the points turn into $ toward your purchases! With Platinum you earn more and the rewards do not expire!
Drugstore Products - Not only having Prestige brands, they have majority of drugstore brands in the stores! Get both high-end and you cheaper options in one store! Hair, makeup, skin care, anything!
Salon - Need to find a new place to get your hair done or just a hair cut, they have it!
Benefit Brow Bar - Benefit is known for brows and their brow bar. Well obviously others too, but they have a great place to get your brows waxed or just a place to learn how to perfect your brows.
21 Days of Deals - Either it is for beauty or hair products, this is my favorite times of the year at Ulta! Most deals are 50% off high-end makeup/hair products (will soon do a haul from this past month of the beauty deals).
GWP - Ulta always has a brand that has a gift with purchase for a certain amount spend. Includes all the brands from hair, beauty, skin care, high and low-end.
Nail Polish Endless Choices - From Sally Henson, Revlon to OPI, China Glaze, and Essie. Not any expensive nail polish choice but definitely a great wide range of possibilities.

$3.50 off $15 & 20% coupon - You can never complain about get money off! They always have the $3.50 off nonprestige products & almost 5 times a year roughly they have 20% off everything! With maybe a few exclusions that included newer products.

Sephora Pros:
Samples in Store - If you ask any associate in the store, they will try to give you a sample of a product you are interested in if its possible.
Play! by Sephora - Monthly subscription box that is my favorite! Guaranteed all higher end product samples for only $10! I have discovered many new favorites through this box!
Different Prestige Brands - Ulta is adding more prestige brands every now and then, but Sephora has all the originals and higher end brands.

It comes to show that Ulta is beyond my favorite. I will soon have two posts coming up with hauls from Ulta. One I will show all the items I bought during the September Days of Beauty deals that were amazing and so hard to pass up! The second one coming up will be when I trade in all my reward points (which I'm super close to 2000 points that equal $125!!). I have been saving my points for a while now and they recently have had a lot of 5x points on purchases. Hopefully I will be having that post in November, depending when I reach 2000 points, currently at 1560.

I hope you will come back soon to read those post, also who doesn't love hauls!?

College Organized and Simplified

Have you ever thought how can I make college just a tad simpler? College is College. Preparing for our future, dream job, life career, planning for our future. I love finding ways to make college easier. Heck make my LIFE easier! Lately I have had a few ideas on how to save time and ease my crazy mind. May help a few of you or maybe no one at all or even help new ideas start. You always see life hacks for certain things, here is my go on a few ways to make college a tad simpler and maybe organized! 

First, if given Powerpoint of notes ahead of time, print them out. Print 4-9 slides to one page, depending on how much is on one slide and how big the font is. I can print 9 slides to a page and still see all the information fine. Then you can write on the sides or on the back for extra notes. Plus you can listen better and read over as the professor is going over. Then you don't spend the whole time copying the PowerPoint. If you don't get them ahead of time: take a photo of each one with your phone then reread them that night and copy them then. Plus you are going over them again yourself and not rushing during class. As well you can actually pay attention better and listen as it is being told to you.

In your room or maybe dorm, keep a dry erase board somewhere you can see from your desk or bed. I have mine on the back of my bedroom door and can see from both my bed and desk. I like to put what I need to get done on it. I do put things in my agenda as well, but if I on my laptop in my bed and I forget what day an assignment is due I just glance at it and don't even have to get out of my bed! Plus the more I write something down that needs to be done, the more likely I remember it. For one class I have a lot of assignments or things I need to get done since we only meet one day a week. So I write a lot of the things on my board.

Some things I have on my Dry Erase Board now:
Target Return
Copy of my TB test
Edit Blog Post
Watch Documentary for EDU
Test on Thursday - has time frame

This is something that I figured out recently and it has been great for me! I now keep a small notebook, like a pocket-sized one, and a pen or two with me. I keep it out during my classes for any distractions. I am the queen of getting distracted during class, but now if I think of a task or something I want to do later, I write it down. Either it be a homework assignment, look up something from class you want to read more into later, or maybe just a few items to add on your grocery list.
I am also known for forgetting things I thought about earlier so I love being able to have something nearby to write these things down. At the end of the night I look back through my notebook if anything I can cross off or go ahead and do then.
This may not be a favorite for everyone but it has helped me concentrate more in class instead of me constantly thinking about items I need when I go to Target next. I write it down and move on to listening in class. PLUS you aren't using your phone, so professors won't think you are texting or browsing on your phone. Double Plus who else just loves writing with a pen you just love.

For instance here are some items I have put in my notebook:
Check if I need to purchase Shampoo
Email this certain brand for a return order
Print a class Syllabus
Homework Assignments
Go through makeup to get rid of
To clean out emails

Blush and Gold - New Room

It is finally time to say I am in the process of changing rooms. I have three older brothers and one only lives at home still, so there is two extra rooms floating around in my house. That means I am moving rooms again! Out of the five rooms we have I have had two, now it will be three. I have lived downstairs my whole life and now going upstairs. It is a much bigger room than I had for my Lilly Pulitzer room and my first room. I moved to my second bedroom my junior year of High School in 2012. I've had a room a light purple, hot pink, grey, then white when I did my room Lilly Pulitzer themed. Now that I moving again to my FAVORITE rooms in our house, I want to change again. I still will be painting it a white color, not sure exactly yet but maybe an off white. I want to focus my room around three things; gold, blush, and marble. That is all I see all over Pinterest and I am obsessed with it all! Recently my mom and I had so much fun purchasing from Target and got all these things below. I don't think we will keep both of the blankets, just couldn't decide especially not seeing in person. We always say we can order and return what we don't want! 


Blanket | Small Mirror | Lamp | Pillow

Tall Mirror | Circle Mirror


My mom and I always love redecorating, this so far has been tons of fun. We organize, go through tons of things, downsize our stuff, and just decor galore! So far it has been a lot of work and still is an ongoing process. Decorating take a lot of time and planning. So if you ever see any awesome pieces that I need to check out that will go with my new room theme let me know! Also if you would like me to do a post on how I did my Lilly Pulitzer room, just let me know too!


Back to School Wish List

Back to school means Fall is slowing approaching. New season, means new things! I always finding more items to add to my on-going wishlist. Today I am sharing a few that I had to add to my back to school list. Sadly, I can't purchase everything I want. But I will always still dream of getting it all.


York Tote Chestnut Tieks Miller Sandals Fuchsia Tieks

York Small Tote | Fuchsia Tieks | Chestnut Tieks | Miller Sandals