Collective Shopping Haul

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This is embarrassing. I can't believe I have purchased all this recently. Fall brings a new season, a new time to shop like crazy. Of course, online shopping is one of my favorites. I have been going crazy for new trends, new colors, and new everything! All the items below has been purchased over a period of time, not all at once, trust me. 

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I don't know where to begin with these items. First, NEW TIEKS! I am so excited for these. Last Christmas I got my first pair and I am beyond obsessed, I can't wait to wear these! The Tory Burch purse in BLUSH is something I am so excited to get. I am in love with the blush tones lately, this purse I got on sale and couldn't pass it up. UPDATE: I was sent the wrong purse, so sadly did not get this lovely... With the new iPhone coming out, I had to get a new case for the iPhone X which I do plan to get when it releases. I have always loved tortoise and this case was much-needed. NEW BEAT BOOTS! I will officially have 3 pairs of bean boots now, I HAD to get these plaid fleece lined ones that were released recently. Another item off of my ongoing wish list - Sheila Fajl hoop earrings, which by the way, I love them so much already. More blush is here, I got this top from Nordstrom and it is gorgeous. I can't get enough of blush, this top also comes in so many other colors! Hopefully these Jack Rogers block heels will be a new favorite. I purchased them to go with a dress I will need for a dance soon.

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I am always a makeup junkie. Ulta just knows the way to my heart. From lipsticks to mascaras, I can never complain. I have tried some of these products so far and can't wait to keep messing with them!

I have not tried the superfoliant before, but so excited to try this one from Dermalogica! A new lippie product for me to try! If you have read my past posts before I love lipsticks, so I can't wait to try this new one from BUXOM. If you saw my Insta post this past week of a MAC lipstick, it was this one. I got Velvet Teddy recently and I am in love! It goes GREAT with the Urban Decay Naked HEAT palette and is a great FALL color! Can we talk about my second favorite makeup product? Mascara. I love them so much. I can't go out of the house without my lashes, as I say. I am a mascara junkie, well also lipstick junkie as well. When it comes to mascaras, I love trying new ones! This was an amazing deal to get this Stila mascara & eyeliner for only $25! The mascara alone is $23 and the eyeliner is $22 alone. By the way this eyeliner is my absolute FAVORITE liquid eyeliner. I will pay the $22 for it over the drugstore ones I have tried. NARS has made its way into my makeup drawer recently, and my wallet is not happy with me. I got this palette for 50% during the September 21 Days of Beauty. I usually don't go all out with contouring, bronzer, and blush; but I could not pass this deal up. Also it is a very higher rated product online! Last for my makeup haul, Anastasia has the best clear brow gel in my opinion. I have had a sample size of this one for the longest time and it does not disappoint.

By an Instagram story poll, this HUGE HAUL won. Next week I will be sharing an outfit post - which by the way, I have not done in AWHILE! Come back next week to see it!

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