Fall handbags are out in stores and classic ones are always in style. The blush and neutral tones will always be a favorite, anytime you can find one on sale that you love, is a great deal! From a cross body, travel wallet, to a satchel bag even a pair of riding boots. Tory Burch has amazing things on sale now! 

I am in love with the camera bags lately, a cross body bag that is the perfect size. I am so in love with the blush one, I actually purchased it from Nordstrom and received the wrong purse in the mail. It did end up selling out and so I just waited on it. Then the Taylor Camera Bag finally went on sale which I just HAD to have since Kate from Lonestar Southern has been wearing it like crazy. Soon I will try to get the blush camera bag again one day.

I suggest you go to Tory Burch right NOW and see if anything you have had an eye on is on sale now! Don't forget when you sign up for their emails you get 10% off your FIRST order!

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Let me know what your favorites are from Tory Burch sale!


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