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Stronger with Bailie VOL. 1

Today I am letting Bailie kick it off with her first post for you all! I will just sit back and let you read what she has to say! I hope you enjoy and come back again soon to hear from her again! Also, as Bailie and I were planning this series, I thought it would be great for her posts to go up on Mondays. Yes, Mondays. We all hate Mondays, but what a better way to start a fresh new week with a Fitness post!

Hello lovelies,

I am super excited to share with you this week the importance of balancing school and health while reshaping your daily routine in a stress free way!


A+... acing health and studies

The first few weeks of college can be tough. Learning how to balance school and work are hard enough. On top of that, keeping your body healthy can be the hardest part. With just a few simple steps, let me show you how to ace all of your exams  and keep your body in the best shape possible.

Meeting in the middle: Balancing a healthy body and good grades


When your mind and  body feel the best together, this is when your performance is at an all time high. Rather that be in class, doing homework, in the gym or exercising in between commercials while watching your favorite  show.

It only takes a few small and simple steps in your daily routine to get to in the best shape of your college career. From your morning routine, to small diet changes, to exercise and then your nightly routine. Simple alterations in your habits can drastically change in positive way.

Let’s Talk Routines

This week we are going to start with routines! The best way to begin a new habit is with a consistent routine. This will help your body adapt faster and get use to your new schedule easiest.


As much as we all (well most of us) hate getting up super early, it really helps the morning and your day as a whole if you wake up those few extra minutes in the morning!

Get up a little earlier do a quick and simple workout!

As much as I even hate breakfast, get up a little earlier to give yourself time for a good breakfast!

This is a little how my morning routine goes…

15 minute workout


EAT BREAKFAST! (this is important)

Personal devotional time with my Jesus

Get ready for the day


The afternoons are my busiest time of the week. Between school and work, afternoons stress me out!! But with my jumbo Lilly planner, Google calendar, a few sticky notes and some patience, I always manage to get through it!

Writing out every aspect of your day or afternoon is very helpful, especially when you have tons of things going on!

DO NOT TAKE NAPS! They do not help you in any way! Trust me :)

My afternoon routine…

-Write out everything that was mentioned at school or work that needs to be done

-Get all homework that’s due in the next 9 days together (write it out in your planner or in google calendar)

-Actually do homework in order that it’s due (I’m bad about this)

-Go to the gym, run around my neighborhood or do simple workouts at my house


Night time routines are probably the most important of time of the day! This is where you can reflect on the day. We can appreciate all the good things we did that day.

This is also the time when we can get together everything we need to prepare for the next day! Getting important things together in the evening can make it easier to get up early the next day!


My nightly routine…

-finish up any homework

-15 minute workout


-get clothes out for the next day

-get together any important paper work together for the day

-watch Netflix (but not all night)


As you read I mention a 15 minute workout. This are easy workouts that you can do right at home! All you do is choose two workouts from each category and do 15 reps for 3 sets. Doing this will help when you from the beginning of your new routine. Each morning and night do a 15 minute routine and choose from the list below as to what 8 exercises you will do. Adding this simple step into your routine will help you wake up in the morning and calm you before bed.


15 minute exercises






-Ab bikes

-Flutter kicks

-Plank jacks

-Jackknife from flat

-Opposite arm and leg raises




-One leg dead lift

-Glute Raises

-Side Lunges

-Squat with lateral leg raises

-DB Step Ups

-Sumo Jump Squats



-DB skull crushers -Tricep overhead press

-Tricep DB flick backs - front DB raises

-DB bicep Curls

-Bent over one arm lateral raises

-Side DB raises

-DB hammer curls

-DB squat and press

-Rear deltoid rotations


Thank you again for taking the time to read my posts! I hope this is the start to your routine change!

Love you all,



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