Decorating For Christmas

Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy December 1st! This year I am going to try my BEST to succeed in doing 25 day of Christmas on my blog! I have been working so hard these past few weeks to make this possible! I hope all the work pays off and hope you enjoy it all! I have most days all planned what I will post - but if you have any requests or ideas for me to post about, PLEASE let me know!! Heres to the FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER!

Not gonna lie, I put my Christmas Tree up at the beginning of November... This year the spirit hit me so soon! I was in Target around the first weekend of November and all the Christmas decorations were out and I had to pick some things! Ever since then, each time I go back more and more decorations are out! With my new bedroom having so much more space I am all for the decor everywhere! Last year they had these adorable glitter reindeer and ornament and missed out on them last year, this year they brought them back and I purchased as soon as possible!

The dollar section has also been great with cheap adorable pieces to add around my room. Finding decorations for Christmas time in the dollar section and Target makes it easy and not breaking the bank. I also recently browsed in T.J.Maxx to see what they had nothing as good as Target! Target is always a win-win situation!

This reindeer decoration was only $8 and they had another option as well! These bottle brush trees were $1 in the dollar section and they had so many more options, some small like these and few larger for $3!

I purchased the Bean Boot key chains recently and decided to use them as ornaments on my tree this year! Enjoy these photos of some other decorated places in my house!

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