Drugstore Mascaras Favs & Fails

Thursday, November 9, 2017

I am obsessive mascara lover. I have been for as long as I have worn "makeup". Mascara is probably the most talked about makeup product. Brands are always bringing out more and more new kinds. When it comes to mascara that I love it usually has a great wand. I think the wand is the most important part then the formula comes next. You see all the time drugstore brands having similar wands as high-end mascaras. Everyone wants to get the review of having the BEST mascara.

Read below each image to see what my drugstore mascara FAVS & FAILS are!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

When it comes to mascara I will try any kind if my wallet allows it. The good things about drugstore ones, is you usually can find a coupon someone to get one cheaper. I will say out of these above, the Lash Paradise one is by far my all time favorite one. I tried it with a coupon of course, I was excited because it was compared to be better than the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. I haven't tried that one yet, I have a sample to try soon. This one is a MUST HAVE for me. You can see all these mascaras are from Covergirl and L'Oréal. Which is my favorite drugstore mascara brands. The main makeup products I buy from drugstore brands is mascaras. They work just as good as high-end ones. But trust me a have love for the high-end ones as well.

8 | 9 | 10

Have you ever tried a mascara and hated it from the moment you first tried it. These made that cut. I could not recommend these to anyone! I hate when I have a mascara I hate and then I try to make sure I use it up the most I can handle it. I HATE wasting and wasting a hated mascara still makes me cringe. I can't begin to explain how I don't like these three. I just don't recommend anyone to even try them.

Thanks for reading today's post! I will have a post all on HIGH-END mascaras VERY SOON!

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