Favorite Liquid Lipsticks

Monday, November 20, 2017

Lately I have been going makeup crazy with some posts. Makeup is always a favorite of mine even if I take 20 minutes to put it on for maybe only 2 hours of going out with a friend. Last week I talked about drugstore mascaras. This week I am transitioning to liquid lipsticks. Both high-end and drugstore. If I find a product I love, I find the need to tell you all about it. I have always loved lipsticks, I don't wear foundation or powder, but I love lipsticks, mascaras, and my brow products. 

I have maybe over 70 lip products, is that too much? Well I always like to refer back to this quote:

"Too much is never enough"

I can never have the perfect amount of lipsticks. When I found two types of liquid lipsticks that ARE NOT matte recently I fell in love! I always want a lip product that is easy to have in my car or in my purse that won't melt. Yes, there is lip gloss, but I just have never been a fan of the glossy sticky lip gloss. These are two options for liquid lipsticks that are not matte. They both have a good range of color selections, hopefully they will have more one day. Another plus about these lip products, you can find them at Ulta. Ulta always has deals or coupons going on, always is a great place to check out makeup!

These are the Too Faced ones that I have. Fig is almost like a berry color and is perfect for fall! Peony is a perfect pink for year round!

Each of these colors on the L'Oréal Lip Paints represent the colors shown. I love the Wild Rose color as an everyday pink color. Fearless Fuschia is a bright pink perfect for summer, Sultry Sangria is a full on fall and winter deep color. There is even metallic and matte options of these Lip Paints - check them out on Ulta as well!

Hope you are enjoying these makeup related posts lately.

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