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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So excited that today is my 25 blog post for December! I finished 25 Day of Christmas! For today, it is simple. I am telling you to go be with your friends and family! Christmas time is always the busiest of the whole year, I am off of my jobs today and will be spending time with my family relaxing!

Few things my family likes to do on Christmas:

  • Eat - of course!

  • Play games - board games, card games, etc.

  • Watch movies - great time to relax and be with each other

  • Go on walks - gotta walk the two Jack Russell dogs in my family

What does your family do? I'd love to know what everyone does on the Holidays!

Here is a photo on Christmas last year with my dog Olive and my niece puppy Sparrow!


Holiday Movies

My favorite Christmas activity BY FAR is all the movies! I love watching new ones each year and of course my favorite ones have to be watched as well.

Today I am sharing 9 of my favorite Christmas movies, some I have seen just a few times and others I have watched too many to even remember! The Home Alone series and The Santa Clause series are my favorites for each year! Which is your favorite? Any of these?




Last Minute Gifts: Always Special

Today I am doing a short post, because well guys. I am just tired. Anyone else?

Who else has been running 24 hours a day since Thanksgiving was over? I feel like that has been my daily routine since then. Today I am writing this on Wednesday the 20th and it was just one of those days. I still need to get one more gift for someone on the day I am writing this and this post will help anyone who is waiting literally till the last-minute to get some final gifts. 

The gift I suggest for last-minute ideas is GIFT CARDS!

You can never go wrong with them! You can get gift cards or certificates to anywhere you can imagine! Restaurants, Starbucks, so many stores, movie theaters - you name it! The best part about them - no one would ever turn down money. If you find that someones favorite store or place to eat, you know it will be used! If you honestly don't know where to get them one, you can get the prepaid VISA gift cards or CASH! Who else loves cash? I do!

Just remember if you don't know what to get someone, there is ALWAYS something you can get them! Plus, you can do it online and print out the bar code for some of the places or send an egift card as well!

Feliz Naughty Dog

Our paw friends deserve to have some fun on Christmas right? I love sharing the holiday spirit with my dog, Olive. You may have seen her a lot throughout my blog and Instagram. She is my precious baby and I treat her like my child. I took her one day and set up a mini Christmas photo shoot. It took only a few minutes and the photos turned out so cute! 

Remember they do deserve maybe a present or two as well on Christmas Day. We love wrapping many boxes for her to open, she enjoys tearing at all the paper and just unwrapping like we all get to do! She is usually the one that gets to start all the unwrapping of the gifts. A way to keep the fur babies in the family.

Remember to include all of your loved ones! I hope this gives you the idea to have some fun and creative some Holiday photos of your loved one fur babies.

How Do you Holiday?

Every Holiday Should Feel This Good!

I am obsessed with all the Black Watch Plaid & this dress! I tried this on at the beginning of November and fell in love! I knew I had to have it for this holiday season! Ever try something on and just knew it was perfect on? This was one of those dresses. Not only was it a great price for a Vineyard Vines dress - it fits amazing on! My mom even purchased it as well - she HAD to have it as well!

I wanted to pair my pearl necklace and have a red lip. It all ties together perfectly. Since I do live in South Carolina, the weather is so unpredictable during this time of year, last year I wore a dress and was perfect weather. I didn't need anything warm on top - just wore my Tieks. I decided to pair my Tory Burch sandals, not sure if it will be too cold for it on Christmas day. However this is a short sleeve dress, boots just did not look good with it.

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Gift Guide: Subscriptions

It comes to some point where you don't know what to give someone. Or maybe you just don't have time to go out to find a great gift. The internet is perfect for these reasons.

You can now give a great gift to someone in their mailbox! From paying for just one month or many months up to a year - give someone a subscription box service! There are so many out there even from Wal-Mart and Target! There is something for someone - my brother has some fishing box come each month as well! You never know they may end up LOVING it and want to continue it!


BIRCHBOX || ipsy || Play by SEPHORA


Holiday Parties with Lilly Pulitzer

I am all about this Velour Dress...

This is the perfect Holiday Party dress! I am always wanting a fun cozy dress, this one is so different too! Soft velour material (that is machine washable!), swing style, and a fun back! You may have people wanting to feel your dress if you go out in this, trust me you will get compliments! 

You could wear a pair of sandals if you live somewhere warm - but this dress looks great with a pair of boots! Perfect to keep your legs warm while wearing a beautiful dress. I have worn these boots SO many times - for a great price from Target you need! Grab you gifts and be a sight to see at all the holiday parties or gatherings!

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Holiday Wear: Christmas Party Outfit

In need of a BEAUTIFUL dress this year to wear to all the Holiday parties?

I think Lilly Pulitzer has all you could need! These are a few favorites of mine, majority are not even a print but definitely STAND OUT! The printed one is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! You need to try these lovely dresses on and have one make an appearance this month!

Left to Right: Gold | Pink | Rose Gold | Velour

Gift Guide: Life Organizer

It is almost 2018, a time when people are trying new things and wanting to start something FRESH!

You can always help someone start a good habit of having an organized life. At times it is so hard to keep everything in order and be on top of things. Having a great agenda will help tons, having a boost to get started also helps. Giving a gift like these will be thoughtful and will get a lot of use! All these items can be purchase off Amazon - so if you have Amazon Prime it will be delivered in 2 DAYS! No one will think you did last minute shopping!



Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking need to be filled. Small enough to fit in that stocking that some how is just not big enough! From a wide range of prices and sizes. Here are a few ideas to throw in someones stocking! From a pair of socks, to a pop socket. Stocking Stuffers are simple gifts, gifts that someone may not even think about or should just be smaller gifts.

123 | 4 | 56789101112



Gift Guide: Warm & Cozy

One thing you can never go wrong with is something cozy. Anyone you give a gift to - won't be disappointed by a super soft blanket! Give someone a blanket or pair of socks, they will be happy! I love having new blankets and socks, then a pair of nice slippers and a back rest pillow! You can't go wrong with any of these - if not giving to someone, get them for yourself!

One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six

Gift Guide: Home Decorator

Okay, can we just make this statement clear.

Nordstrom has it ALL.

I have been using Nordstrom for so many of these gift guides. It did not disappoint when I wanted to find unique different pieces that would be great gifts that involve decorating a home! These are all amazing products that will be awesome to see someone use in their home! I would be thrilled to get these things myself for my future home one day! I plan to have a lot of things like these.

One || Two || Three || Four
Five || Six || Seven || Eight




Gift Guide: For Him

Gosh, why is it SO hard to shop for men?

Either it be for your dad, brothers, or boyfriend it is NOT easy! Today I am TRYING my best to give you a few items of what you can purchase for the men in your life.

one || two || three || four || five
six || seven || eight || nine || ten



Gift Guide: Kitchen Escape

I am 21 years old, I do still live at home with both of my parents and I do enjoy browsing for home items. I am beyond obsessed with Marble lately and so tempted to buy everything Marble for the kitchen I do not have... Is that crazy? I don't think so...

All joking aside, most people would enjoy receiving kitchen items for their home. At times it can be expensive and majority but what they NEED before the cute items they WANT. This is the time to gift the things they WANT!

Chevron GlassesCutting Board | State Coasters | Home Coasters | Gold Coasters | Initial Glass | Confetti Glass


Holiday Wear: Vineyard Vines

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Today is the LAST day for 25% off $50 + additional 40% off Sale items! & FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER!

Today I am sharing a few Holiday Outfits to wear all from Vineyard Vines! I am loving all the Holiday plaids and gorgeous outfit pieces. These all speak for their selves and this is the perfect time to purchase one if you have been having an eye on it!

One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six || Seven || Eight || Nine

If you use this link you can get $10 from my referral!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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My 2017 Christmas Wish List

This is not only things that I currently want, it is to help my dear mother who is reading this. Today I am sharing my wish list and it may give you some last-minute ideas of what to ask for! A few of these items I have wanted for a long time now and some are some new things on my list. These items all range from $20 to around $230, I of course do not expect any of these, I just love making these posts.

If you ask me next month what would I want, this list may change. I always want something new! I used to make Wish List posts around each month. At times, I just buy everything I want for myself, but during the Holidays people are always asking what do I want.

One || Two || Three || Four
Five || Six || Seven || Eight || Nine || Ten
Eleven || Twelve || Thirteen || Fourteen || Fifteen || Sixteen


Holiday Wear: Accessories

Lets talk about some beautiful accessories. When I think of accessories, the first thing I want to think about it purses. From a crossbody, card case, to an everyday handbag. These are mainly from Tory Burch and the crossbody from Lilly Pulitzer. These are all very different and great options for what you may need to break out for the Christmas occasions. 

Glitter Card Case

Neutral Handbag | Pink Handbag

Gold Crossbody



Gift Guide: Jewelry Lover

Jewelry is a gift you can never go wrong with. When it comes to giving to someone, you want the best you can give them. Kendra Scott is by far my favorite place to get jewelry, so many options and great pieces. Below I have two of the necklaces and the gold hoops which are by Sheila Fajl actually. I love the rings and would add both of them to my wish list this year! The bold colored earrings are amazing and beautiful, something usually one person may not buy for themselves.

Rings: Cocktail | Stackable

Necklaces: Left | Middle | Right

Earrings: Red | Green | Gold | Hoops



Holiday Wear: Makeup

When I think of perfecting a holiday makeup look, I think of classic. Maybe you need a simple look for your family gathering or a bold smokey look for a girls night out downtown. It is easy to create a classy look with only few makeup products. These are all products I have and love on daily. I really recommend you checking these products out to make your makeup look GREAT over the holidays!

Brow Wiz | Lipstick | Naked Palette | Cheek Palette | Mascara & Eyeliner


Gift Guide: Coffee Lover

Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with their 5 cups of coffee in the morning. I only know a few people who doesn't like a new mug, I love mugs for the occasional times I have my coffee moments. They are adorable and also breaking from the dishwasher to the cabinets. So anyone wouldn't mind receiving a new mug, if you go the extra mile and finding one that really fits their personality it will be the PERFECT gift! Nordstrom has some amazing ones right now, which all of these are found online! Free shipping is always available from Nordstrom as well!

Hubby Wifey | Cat | Coffee & Mascara | Less Monday | Initial | Cars & Trees


Holiday Wear: Christmas Cozies

Vineyard Vines has been knocking off the fuzzy socks with their pajamas! Today I am sharing my favorites of them. Either you like plaid, a sleep shirt, or pajama pants; Vineyard Vines has you cozied up! Time to get you some Christmas cozies, head over to Vineyard Vines to get one of these adorable pajamas. I have the sleep shirt and love it. Perfect quality and so simple! The sleep pants come back each year which you know that they are amazing!

Socks | PJ Pants | Plaid Pajamas | Sleep Shirt | Sleep Set