Feliz Naughty Dog

Friday, December 22, 2017

Our paw friends deserve to have some fun on Christmas right? I love sharing the holiday spirit with my dog, Olive. You may have seen her a lot throughout my blog and Instagram. She is my precious baby and I treat her like my child. I took her one day and set up a mini Christmas photo shoot. It took only a few minutes and the photos turned out so cute! 

Remember they do deserve maybe a present or two as well on Christmas Day. We love wrapping many boxes for her to open, she enjoys tearing at all the paper and just unwrapping like we all get to do! She is usually the one that gets to start all the unwrapping of the gifts. A way to keep the fur babies in the family.

Remember to include all of your loved ones! I hope this gives you the idea to have some fun and creative some Holiday photos of your loved one fur babies.

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