I recently caved in and purchased my first Barrington bag. I can't believe it took me this long to finally buy one! Today I wanted to share some pictures of the one I purchased and give you a review of it! 

Today I am sharing more details behind my recent Instagram posts. Even will be giving you direct links to what is in the picture

I am back with another outfit post today, my first to start the excitement for fall! Sharing a beautiful Anthropologie top that is already a huge favorite! See how I styled with pair of jeans and staple boots. 

Who is so excited for Monday? Have your account set and your wishlist ready? If not, get on it!

Creating you list of wants for the After Party Sale? I have a few I just had to share with you that MOST LIKELY will be included!

To begin this post - who else is beyond excited for the After Party Sale!? I am! No matter what, each year I get super pumped for this sale! The sale is a few weeks later this year, which I think it makes more sense after Labor Day to have a big sale! On my Instagram Stories about a week ago I asked if any questions to be answer, I will go over those questions and more within this post!

Guys, I am back! It truly has been a very long time since I have blogged. This year is a weird one with my blogging. I would write a few posts here and there, then I would never finish them to post... Today I sat down and did this whole post in one night. Just the motivation hit me and couldn't stop doing what I used to LOVE to do! 

There was so much talk this year about people tired of seeing what all the bloggers were buying from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Well here is another post, of what I bought! I was asked on Instagram if I was going to be posting anything about the sale - with a vacation and waiting for the packages to arrive. Here it is finally!

I got the opportunity to try out both of these masks recently. With my crazy school and work schedule they were perfect for the nights I needed to relax. I am usually not a fan of sheet masks but had to try this jelly eye sheet mask. Clean & Clear is one of my favorite skincare brands and I really enjoyed these masks.

Today is my second post on how my Spring Break trip went in Savannah, GA. I had so many photos from a great trip, I just had to share within two posts.

Another trip is in for the books, it was a vacation that was much-needed. If you haven't noticed, I have been slightly absent from my blog lately. School always comes first and it has been so much work lately. Today I am done thinking about school for a little longer. I wanted to share a few favorites and pictures of my trip with my mom over Spring Break.

As soon as I have to put on a big warm coat, I want Spring to come. So can it hurry, I have been waiting a long time... Who else has Spring Fever?

Do you remember the Espadrille kick that happened last year? Everyone and their mother owned a pair! Heck my mom and I both do!

Who shopped the After Party Sale? If you did, did you see the recuts of older prints? This was one that surprised me when I saw it, I love this print and needed this skort!

You have your coffee with you or your breakfast? Heck you may be reading this at night eating dinner. What ever you are doing, sit down and relax because I am starting some NEW with you! Welcome to my first Weekly Update post!

Can you imagine these heels with your favorite Little Black Dress? They would turn heads!

February means Valentine's Day. Okay, to be honest. Who else loves looking at gift guides to know what you want for yourself? I do it all the time!

I am on a Lush kick! Give me all the LUSHFUL THINGS! On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love LUSH? Me? Straight 10! Give you some just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Who else is already planning for Spring Break? I am! My mom and I are brainstorming some ideas of where to go! Once New Years has past I am thinking of all things with Spring Travels.

I went back for more and I am GLOWING in YGR! Each time Lilly releases You Gotta Regatta again, I make a huge comeback with it all. I need everything and want it all! All bright and glowing, these pieces are a must see!

I am a makeup lover. I want to be able to try all the makeup out that I can!

I recently did a Instagram Story Poll if any of you wanted me to do a Ulta Haul, 90% who voted said yes! I've also decided to add in a few others that I recently purchased.

Can you believe the sale is finally here!!! Did you buy anything or are you on the site yet? I did however shop some of the sales yesterday to not be so stressed out on this day! Here are a few favorites of the sale, these are all amazing pieces.

Today I am going through the past year and sharing my favorite posts that I had in 2017. From outfit posts to makeup favorites. If you haven't read any of these, this is a good time to see what I love to have on my blog. Here is my past year favorites on my blog!