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Valentine's Day Gifts

February means Valentine's Day. Okay, to be honest. Who else loves looking at gift guides to know what you want for yourself? I do it all the time!

Today I am sharing some cute little gifts for Valentine's Day. Honestly you could buy them for yourself or maybe give to your friends!


one | two | three | four | five | six
seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve


What are your plans for this Valentine's Day? Any special date or just night out with your friends? Let me know, also who else dreads all the cheesy couples on Valentine's Day?

I am looking forward to March 20th, yes. Already. I want SPRING TO COME! I am tired of wearing jeans and long sleeves. Wanting to wear all of my shorts and dresses with sandals. So ready for keeping the windows down while driving and having all of my windows open in my room during the weekends.



A Lushful Valentine's Day

I am on a Lush kick! Give me all the LUSHFUL THINGS! On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love LUSH? Me? Straight 10! Give you some just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Who all needs a LUSHful Valentine's Day? --- I can remember my first time going into a Lush store in Charlotte, NC. It was amazing! The store smelt amazing and I will forever remember that "Lush" scent. Lush has the best holiday products, during this time is filled with pink, red, and everything romantic! My plans for Valentines Day? I will be taking myself a LUSH bath! I plan to bring out my bubble bar make so many bubbles then pop in a bath bomb to make everything smell great and my skin feel super soft!

Either you are going on a night out with your friends or a special date, you always need to make time for yourself. Enjoy the quiet moments and relax. February is during a cold month and sometimes a HOT bath can solve any issues. Bring out the music, candles, turn off the lights, heck you could even watch an episode of your favorite show at the moment. Just take the time to RELAX.

Some of these products are amazing at the moment at Lush. Hurry quick, these do sell FAST! The Giant Bath Bomb is huge, I have the present one from Christmas time and it is amazing! I plan to use it for my Valentines Bath. Give yourself a break and buy one of these products for you! Hey, even could gift some of these to your close friends that might also need a bath!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Remember you don't need to have a date for Valentine's Day! I won't have one and I am okay about that! Spend more time with your friends or maybe just you and your furry friend.

Spring Travels

Who else is already planning for Spring Break? I am! My mom and I are brainstorming some ideas of where to go! Once New Years has past I am thinking of all things with Spring Travels.

I love preparing for trips, even if it is a trip to my brothers for the weekend. There is something about packing perfect, bringing just the right amount of things needed. Not too much and nothing left at home. The first steps to traveling is what you pack in! You always need the right things to pack in. Below I have listed a few products that may help your SPRING TRAVELS! What is an essential for your travels? I'd love to hear about what you love to pack in or bring with you on trips. My Longchamp backpack is a key essential for ANY trip! Perfect for anywhere you! Before I had my own, I would use my moms anytime I had a day long trip to carry everything I needed with me that day.



one | two | three | four


It may not be SPRING yet, but it is NEVER too soon to start preparing for it! IF you are traveling during Spring Break, where? Spring Break for me is the first week of April, during the perfect time! Let the countdown begin!

Glowing YGR

I went back for more and I am GLOWING in YGR! Each time Lilly releases You Gotta Regatta again, I make a huge comeback with it all. I need everything and want it all! All bright and glowing, these pieces are a must see!

I always want all of the YGR. It is one of my all time favorite prints, all of the sailboats and range of colors. When Lilly released this exciting three pieces of the print again - I HAD TO GET THEM! I love each of them and cant wait to wear them more. I have always been a fan of the leggings and was no trouble getting another pair. The jacket was something I surprisingly fell in love with! I love the style so much I got the pink striped one as well recently. The skort I didn't purchase at first, once I though about it, I did NEED it as well. I wear these skorts in the summer for lazy days not wanting to get too dressed up. Either lounging around the house or a night out, wearing a bright outfit like this puts a spotlight on you! This shirt literally is glowing in these photos!

I ended up getting this top during the After Party sale for a great price and turns out it matches this print perfectly, melon glow is a perfect match to YGR!  These luxletic tops are super comfy and are so easy to wear. You can see in the photos below how neat the back is! I love the bright melon color, also matches a few other Lilly prints I have! Btw the leggings are showing up VERY bright in these photos. YGR was meant to be seen while wearing!!

Leggings | Jacket | Skort  | Shoes | Earrings | Necklace | Lipstick


Glowing In YGR is making me beyond excited for spring!


If you didn't know I recently posted a YouTube Video. It would mean so much to me if you would check it out!



Colourpop Haul & Review

I am a makeup lover. I want to be able to try all the makeup out that I can!

I am obsessed with lipsticks as well, if you have followed me for a while you would know this. I am a lipstick junkie, I want to always find more lippie favorites. I have tried the Colourpop matte liquid lipstick before and did not like it sadly. I do not like matte liquid lipsticks, or at least haven't found one I like yet... I did make a purchase from Colourpop in December during a sale they were having and so far I am enjoying the things I picked out.

Lumière | Dopey

Snake Eyes | Lil' Boat | High Strung

Sequin | Weenie


Recently I've Bought

I recently did a Instagram Story Poll if any of you wanted me to do a Ulta Haul, 90% who voted said yes! I've also decided to add in a few others that I recently purchased.

This is not going to include my Lilly Pulitzer APS purchases. I will do a future content to show what I bought then. So here's what recently I've bought!Here is what I purchased around the first of December during the time of a 20%!

one || two || three || four
five || six || seven || eight

To add more things I have bought - this is almost a collective haul. Including J.Crew, Amazon, and Nordstrom!


one | two | three | four | five

Need to hear from you! Do you enjoy seeing hauls like this or would you like to maybe see some hauls as a YouTube video in the future? I want to get more into making videos, just waiting on some equipment and set up in my room to get better to give you the BEST content! I have always watched YouTube videos and would love to get more involved on there.

Do you follow me on my Instagram? You should! That is THE PLACE to see everything I post and even daily life fun on my stories! I did a poll on Instagram recently to see if I should do a video or a blog post on what I purchased during the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. The poll ended up being 76% said to do a video - I decided I would try my best to do BOTH! However, a blog post could most likely come up before the video due to having to wait for all my things to come in the mail still. I do plan to still do a video once everything comes in the mail, possibly do a try on haul. If you would like me to do a try on haul - PLEASE let me know!!


My After Party Sale Picks January 2018

Can you believe the sale is finally here!!! Did you buy anything or are you on the site yet? I did however shop some of the sales yesterday to not be so stressed out on this day! Here are a few favorites of the sale, these are all amazing pieces. I do own a few of these and some of these I have admired many times. I love this sale because of the best prices on a wide range of Lilly. I do buy Lilly more throughout the year and not just during the sales - which you would know if you see my Instagram. I love scooping out the sales and seeing if anything I missed from past seasons that I just NEED! What did you get or what do you wish you got? Any favs? I love seeing what everyone got and how much they saved. New Year rings in for the best sales! BTW Pink Bee (where I work) is price matching the sale prices! We do ship as well!

Shop The After Party Sale at Lilly Pulitzer! 8AM (ish) ET on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 and ends at 11:59PM ET on Thursday, January 4, 2018.

My Favorite Posts of 2017

Today I am going through the past year and sharing my favorite posts that I had in 2017. From outfit posts to makeup favorites. If you haven't read any of these, this is a good time to see what I love to have on my blog. Here is my past year favorites on my blog! 

To start off, this is one post that the photos just turned out GREAT! It was the beginning of March and was the perfect spring day. This was the post that I loved everything about my outfit, crazy thing is I am not wearing Lilly!

This outfit was my all time favorite Lilly piece from this past year. I love purple and this dress was a favorite as soon as I saw it. I knew it needed to be my Easter dress for this year. When my mom and I went to Charleston I wanted to take some good shots of this dress and definitely succeeded!


Let me just share probably my most worn Lilly dress and all time favorite one, ever. I also wore it in Charleston during my Spring Break trip. I will keep wearing it year after year, it is the most flattering comfy dress I own!

Did you know this summer I started working at Pink Bee? Finally working at my all time favorite store. I officially LIVE in Lilly! It has been an adventure since May 20th I had my first day working there. This is the post I share the news of me working there!


Did you hear that Lilly had Llamas and Alpacas in two prints this year? Yeah, I was super excited about this! This is the post of my Alpaca my Bags Bay Dress paired with a purse I soon had to return because it was messing up after a week of having it!


I had two posts that went up this past fall that I was super excited and proud about. Drugstore & High-End Mascara Favorites & Fails; I love mascara and wanted to share my thoughts on a wide range of mascaras.

This is a favorite dress from the Resort releases of this year, I love Velour and this is a beautiful dress I loved wearing during the month of December! Also carrying my NEW Tory Burch purse I actually bought off of eBay!

This is my final favorite post of this year! I LOVE THIS DRESS and it was perfect for the Christmas holidays! I had tried this dress on in the begging of November and end up getting it 25% off during the Thanksgiving sales. Also featuring my favorite wrapping paper I got from Target this December.


Hope you enjoyed this blast from my past year of 2017! Hopefully you'll go read the posts you missed and let me know what you think of my 2017 year! Also what do you want to see on my blog in 2018?!

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for being apart of my 2017 year!