A Lushful Valentine's Day

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I am on a Lush kick! Give me all the LUSHFUL THINGS! On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love LUSH? Me? Straight 10! Give you some just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Who all needs a LUSHful Valentine's Day? --- I can remember my first time going into a Lush store in Charlotte, NC. It was amazing! The store smelt amazing and I will forever remember that "Lush" scent. Lush has the best holiday products, during this time is filled with pink, red, and everything romantic! My plans for Valentines Day? I will be taking myself a LUSH bath! I plan to bring out my bubble bar make so many bubbles then pop in a bath bomb to make everything smell great and my skin feel super soft!

Either you are going on a night out with your friends or a special date, you always need to make time for yourself. Enjoy the quiet moments and relax. February is during a cold month and sometimes a HOT bath can solve any issues. Bring out the music, candles, turn off the lights, heck you could even watch an episode of your favorite show at the moment. Just take the time to RELAX.

Some of these products are amazing at the moment at Lush. Hurry quick, these do sell FAST! The Giant Bath Bomb is huge, I have the present one from Christmas time and it is amazing! I plan to use it for my Valentines Bath. Give yourself a break and buy one of these products for you! Hey, even could gift some of these to your close friends that might also need a bath!

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Remember you don't need to have a date for Valentine's Day! I won't have one and I am okay about that! Spend more time with your friends or maybe just you and your furry friend.

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