Glowing YGR

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I went back for more and I am GLOWING in YGR! Each time Lilly releases You Gotta Regatta again, I make a huge comeback with it all. I need everything and want it all! All bright and glowing, these pieces are a must see!

I always want all of the YGR. It is one of my all time favorite prints, all of the sailboats and range of colors. When Lilly released this exciting three pieces of the print again - I HAD TO GET THEM! I love each of them and cant wait to wear them more. I have always been a fan of the leggings and was no trouble getting another pair. The jacket was something I surprisingly fell in love with! I love the style so much I got the pink striped one as well recently. The skort I didn't purchase at first, once I though about it, I did NEED it as well. I wear these skorts in the summer for lazy days not wanting to get too dressed up. Either lounging around the house or a night out, wearing a bright outfit like this puts a spotlight on you! This shirt literally is glowing in these photos!

I ended up getting this top during the After Party sale for a great price and turns out it matches this print perfectly, melon glow is a perfect match to YGR!  These luxletic tops are super comfy and are so easy to wear. You can see in the photos below how neat the back is! I love the bright melon color, also matches a few other Lilly prints I have! Btw the leggings are showing up VERY bright in these photos. YGR was meant to be seen while wearing!!

Glowing In YGR is making me beyond excited for spring!

If you didn't know I recently posted a YouTube Video. It would mean so much to me if you would check it out!


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