My Favorite Posts of 2017

Monday, January 1, 2018

Today I am going through the past year and sharing my favorite posts that I had in 2017. From outfit posts to makeup favorites. If you haven't read any of these, this is a good time to see what I love to have on my blog. Here is my past year favorites on my blog! 

To start off, this is one post that the photos just turned out GREAT! It was the beginning of March and was the perfect spring day. This was the post that I loved everything about my outfit, crazy thing is I am not wearing Lilly!

This outfit was my all time favorite Lilly piece from this past year. I love purple and this dress was a favorite as soon as I saw it. I knew it needed to be my Easter dress for this year. When my mom and I went to Charleston I wanted to take some good shots of this dress and definitely succeeded!

Let me just share probably my most worn Lilly dress and all time favorite one, ever. I also wore it in Charleston during my Spring Break trip. I will keep wearing it year after year, it is the most flattering comfy dress I own!

Did you know this summer I started working at Pink Bee? Finally working at my all time favorite store. I officially LIVE in Lilly! It has been an adventure since May 20th I had my first day working there. This is the post I share the news of me working there!

Did you hear that Lilly had Llamas and Alpacas in two prints this year? Yeah, I was super excited about this! This is the post of my Alpaca my Bags Bay Dress paired with a purse I soon had to return because it was messing up after a week of having it!

I had two posts that went up this past fall that I was super excited and proud about. Drugstore & High-End Mascara Favorites & Fails; I love mascara and wanted to share my thoughts on a wide range of mascaras.

This is a favorite dress from the Resort releases of this year, I love Velour and this is a beautiful dress I loved wearing during the month of December! Also carrying my NEW Tory Burch purse I actually bought off of eBay!

This is my final favorite post of this year! I LOVE THIS DRESS and it was perfect for the Christmas holidays! I had tried this dress on in the begging of November and end up getting it 25% off during the Thanksgiving sales. Also featuring my favorite wrapping paper I got from Target this December.

Hope you enjoyed this blast from my past year of 2017! Hopefully you'll go read the posts you missed and let me know what you think of my 2017 year! Also what do you want to see on my blog in 2018?!

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for being apart of my 2017 year!

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